Baby names going extinct in 2024 include Michelle and Amanda - is your name on the list?

These names have all fallen sharply down the rankings and out of fashion in the last couple of years with parents choosing different names for their new arrivals.

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Once popular, these baby names are predicted to go extinct in 2024 as they’re tumbling in popularity.

Choosing the right baby name isn’t always easy, with so many options out there. From the space-inspired baby names set to be popular this year to the rising baby names experts never saw coming, there are so many options. 

But there are some names that parents just don’t seem to be using anymore, including some millennial and Gen Z staples, as BabyCenter has found after analysing baby names from the past couple of years.

They include classic names like Diana, Amanda, and Angela, as well as more modern names like Mckenzie, Oaklee, and Brady.

“Girls' names that were popular when millennials were being born have fallen from grace in the past decade,” said BabyCenter. Indeed, while Amanda, Angela, Brooke, Diana, and Michelle were all in the top 100 in the 1980s and ‘90s, they’ve tumbled down the rankings in recent years with new parents choosing different options. 

Meanwhile, the boys’ names that shot up in popularity over the last decade or so – those names ending in ‘-den’ like Aiden and Jaiden, don’t make even the top 300 names for 2024.

Similarly, it looks as though modern first names which started off as or sound like surnames are on their way out. For boys, these include Baylor, Bradley, Brady, Clayton, Hendrix, Preston, and Reid. For girls, it’s the likes of Mckenzie, Oaklee, Raegan, and Sawyer.

Brooke had the sharpest fall in popularity from 2022 to 2023 out of all girls’ names, falling a whopping 198 spots down the list. Then, Blake and Mckenzie fell 185 and 184 places respectively. 

The boys’ name with the largest drop was Julius, which fell 189 places. Jaiden dropped 151 places, while Johnny, perhaps surprisingly given its enduring popularity, fell 150. 

Baby names going extinct in 2024

  • Aiden
  • Amanda
  • Angela
  • Mckenzie
  • Brooke
  • Michelle
  • Oaklee
  •  Brady
  • Diana
  • Jaiden
  • Baylor
  • Bradley
  • Brady
  • Clayton
  •  Hendrix
  • Preston
  • Reid
  • Raegan
  • Sawyer
  • Julius

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