Best active fit nappies

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  • Which is the best active fit nappy? As your little one gets a bit older and is becoming more of a wriggler, they're going to need a comfier, more flexible nappy, but which are the best? We asked goodtoknow mums to test 4 of the most popular active fit nappies to help you find the best active fit nappy for you.

    Is your little bundle of joy becoming a real wriggler? From the first
    time they roll over, to their first steps, you might feel like your baby
    needs a slimmer nappy that gives them more freedom to move about in, as
    well as keeping any mess inside, while they’re busy.

    We asked 4
    lovely goodtoknow mums to test 4 of the most popular active fit nappies
    out on their babies and score them out of 5 for comfort, skin care and
    absorbency during the day and night, to help you decide on the best
    active fit nappy for the job.

    And as the cost of buying nappies
    can really add up, especially when you consider a 7- to 12-month-old
    baby goes through 5 or 6 nappies a day, you’ll want a nappy that is
    worth the money, so our mums have scored each active fit nappy on its
    value too.

    The nappies we tested are:

    •   Pampers Active Fit nappies (£6.49 carry pack)
    •   Huggies natural fit nappies (£6.48 carry pack)
    •   Boots active stretch nappies (£4.99 carry pack)

    through our gallery of active fit nappies to find out what each of our
    tester mums said about them and how they scored each nappy PLUS add your
    own nappy review in the comments section below and rate them too by
    clicking on the stars above.

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