Friday 11 December is the best day to get pregnant

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  • Got any plans for this evening? Well you might want to consider cancelling them and having a night at home as it is revealed the next 24 hours are the best time of year for conception.

    With more babies conceived today than on any other day of the year, if you’re looking to get pregnant, it definitely ‘tis the season to get jolly.

    December is generally the most popular month for conceiving, with 9% of all babies in Britain being conceived in the last month of the year, so if you’re having problems with concieving then it’s worth a shot.

    But Friday 11 December is the highest individual day of the year to get pregnant – the most popular birthday in the UK is 16 September – so today could be your lucky day.

    Scientific studies have revealed that fertility is increased in winter because sperm quality is higher in colder temperatures.

    During the chillier months people also spend more time indoors with their loved ones, as well as drinking more at festive parties, which is always bound to increase the attempts at fun sex positions for conception.

    Not only are your chances of conceiving higher today, but research conducted by the University of Indiana, USA, found that the health of your baby throughout pregnancy will be generally improved.

    An extra 3 in every 200 pregnancies survives if conceived in December.

    It is believed this is due to the high levels of sunlight and Vitamin D mothers and babies receive in the crucial stages towards the end of the pregnancy as this will fall at the beginning of summer, around July and August.

    On the contrary, June is the worst month for conception and is a ‘vulnerable’ stage for any would-be summer mummies.

    The ‘toxic June effect’ is due in part to the high levels of pesticides on crops and in the air during the summer, as well as sunlight deficiencies that come at the end of the pregnancy.

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