The best monthly subscription boxes you can get delivered to your door

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  • Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to treat yourself, or give a friend that perfect gift without leaving your living room.

    Whether you’re looking for beauty boxes, kid’s craft sets or even a bottle of wine, there are so many wonderful things you can send through a letter box every month. But with all the different types of subscription boxes available at different prices, it can be difficult to choose just the right thing.

    Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best monthly subscription boxes on the market, to help make the decision that little bit easier…

    Food and drink boxes

    I Love Gin

    Price: £14 per month from I love gin

    If G&T is your go-to tipple, then we have some fabulous news for you – you can now get your monthly stash delivered to your door.

    I love gin are the genius behind this dreamy setup, and they’ll send you two gins from unique distilleries, plus two tonics or mixers that perfectly complement the gins included in the box. So for the modest monthly fee of £14, you can get four delicious G&Ts that you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise usually try.

    Boxes cost around £19 if purchased as a one off, and previous editions include the Mayan Fever Box, featuring the Belgian X-Gin, paired with the Indian and Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic water, as well as cacao nibs for garnish.

    Garçon Wines

    From £10 a month from
    Finally, our prayers have been answered. The geniuses at Garçon Wines found a solution to the awkward size of regular wine bottles – they’ve created custom flat bottles which still hold 750ml, but will fit through your letterbox. What’s more, they’ve swapped out the glass for plastic, meaning no more breakage!

    Co-founder Santiago Navarro told The Sun that the wines aren’t meant to be stored for ages; they’re made to be consumed within six months, which is totally fine with us. Their monthly subscription service is not yet available but they’re hoping to bring it out very soon.


    £36 for a 12-week subscription
    £70 for a 24-week subscription
    £135 for a 48-week subscription from

    With BeerBods, drinkers are sent 12 beers in the post every 12 weeks. The trick is not to drink them all at once (no matter how hard that might be!).
    Instead, BeerBods will tell you which one to drink each week and you can even chat with other beer lovers about the week’s drink during the live online tasting sessions. You’ll also get a weekly email with the story behind each beer, giving you plenty knowledge to impress your beer-drinking friends next time you’re down the pub.

    Hotel Chocolat

    £22.95 for a month subscription from
    What’s a better treat than a box of chocolate? Well, for all the chocoholics out there, Hotel Chocolat offers a scrumptious subscription. You or the lucky recipient can pick from Classic, Fortified, High Cocoa, Mellow, or Rare and Vintage selections to receive every four weeks. Once you join the tasting club, you’ll also get box of their newest chocolates, fresh from the Hotel Chocolat kitchen every month.

    The Wine Butler

    From £25 per month from
    Now this is what we’re talking about! Wine all month every month without leaving your front door. The Wine Butler delivers three bottles of delicious wine to your door in gorgeous wrapping paper. You can order wines separately as well as pausing the delivery whenever you want, so no need to worry about the financial commitment. Oh, and as added bonus, the wine is organic, meaning you’re less likely to have that headache the morning after!

    Pink Parcel

    £12.99 per month from
    This handy little subscription box means you’ll never be stuck when it’s your time of the month again. It can be ordered to arrive at the same time as your period and contains all the practical things you need including tampons, pads… as well as a few treats to cheer you up, of course.


    £10 per month from
    Glossybox is one of the biggest beauty boxes out there, sending five products from well known brands every month. You can even select your own beauty preferences so that the box you’re sent is tailored with products that you’ll definitely use.

    The Perfume Society

    From £12.50 – £78.00 V.I.P prices from £10.00 From
    Choosing a perfume can sometimes feel like a minefield. You don’t want to spend all that money on one bottle when you’ve not had enough time to test everything – and that’s where The Perfume Society comes in. Sign up to receive a themed box full of samples, miniatures and a couple of beauty products to help you figure out your favourite fragrance.


    £10.00 (+ P&P) per month from
    Birchbox was one of the original subscription-based beauty boxes and remains one of the most popular. Each box comes with a range of beauty products, featuring over 200 brands. If you fall in love with anything you see in the box, you can also buy the full-sized products from their online shop.

    Gift boxes

    Beard’s & Daisies

    £75 for a three-month subscription from
    Sign up to receive a gorgeous floral arrangement in the post. Using locally sourced, fresh flowers Beards and Daisies do the hard work for you, and send you a stunning bouquet each month for your home. Carefully wrapped up to make sure the bouquet isn’t damaged during the delivery, the package is also designed to fit through the letterbox, meaning you don’t have to wait in for the delivery!

    Book & a Brew

    £14.99 a month from
    There’s no better feeling than settling down with a good book and a nice cup of tea. And now you can get both delivered to your door for a good night in. Book & Brew sends you book with good reviews, but might not be that well known, which makes it less likely you’ve read it before. It also comes with specialist teas delivered to your door. All you need to do is put the kettle on!

    LetterBox Gifts

    £79.95 for a three-month subscription from
    If you fancy something a bit different, LetterBox creates a monthly hamper, filled with hand wrapped gift sets made from exclusively British products. Each box comes with a personalised greeting card, meaning you can send one as a gift whatever the occasion. Whether it’s for a new mum, a Christmas present or as a special treat for yourself, this makes for a perfect gift that fits through your letterbox.

    Anonymous Jewellery

    £12.95 per month from
    For anyone who loves buying unique jewellery, this is an absolute must! In each box you’ll receive up to three pieces of jewellery, as well as some extra goodies like flash tattoos or a discount. If you’re not quite ready to subscribe just yet, there’s also an online shop where you can buy your favourite pieces.

    Kids’ boxes

    Sassy Bloom & Sassy Kids Boxes

    Sassy Bloom from £24.95 per month over £40 value (plus free delivery!) from
    With specialised boxes for mums in the third trimester to your baby’s third year, Sassy Bloom helps new and experienced parents discover brilliant new products for your baby. Each month Sassy Bloom boxes are delivered to parents with the contents especially hand picked by experts for the baby’s age and stage of development, gender and sometimes even include personalised items too. One-off boxes are also available.

    Toucan Box

    £5.95 – £19.90 (+ P&P) from
    Subscription boxes aren’t just for grown ups, but there are plenty of ways to get the kids involved as well! Toucan Box creates educational craft boxes for you to enjoy with the little ones. Suitable for ages three to eight, it’s a great way to encourage your child in imaginative play, without the hassle of scouring the toy shops! You can get the first box FREE with code: 2can

    Rainy Day Box

    £4.99 (+P&P) from
    If the weather’s miserable outside, but you want to spend some fun time with the kids, don’t worry. Rainy Day have got it covered with their activity boxes perfect for when you want to stay inside. Suitable for little ones between three and eight years old, with seasonal theme each month, it’s a fun and easy way to spend an rainy afternoon with the kids!

    Are you a fan of subscription boxes and if so, which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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