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Bike Club

There's no better outdoor family activity than cycling, and a Bike Club subscription is the perfect way to get the children kitted out with the perfect set of wheels for your bicycling adventures.

The evenings are staying brighter a little longer and the weather is warming up - at last. This can mean only one thing; Spring is on its way! And that means more time together to enjoy some outdoor family fun. We all know how important it is to encourage children to get active, and cycling is the ideal outdoor pursuit for families to enjoy together. But if the thought of large upfront costs when buying a new bike puts you off planning a family bike ride, you'll be glad to hear about Bike Club. It's the UK's monthly bike subscription service - and some 40,000 members have already discovered it.

The premise is brilliantly simple; you pay a monthly subscription from as little as £4.49 per month. In return, you get the perfect bike for your child's age and size delivered to your door. It's yours for your child to use until they outgrow it. At which point, Bike Club will collect the outgrown bike and deliver the next size up.

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Bike Club

What is Bike Club?

Children grow out of bikes surprisingly quickly - as you'll know if you've ever invested in a new bike only to find that your little one's legs have seemingly sprouted overnight and it's suddenly too small. Bike Club is the solution to that problem.

It’s a monthly kids' bike subscription service and they only stock the best kids’ bike brands - everyone from Frog and Forme to Squish and Strider. That means you can pick a premium bike for your child at an affordable price every single time.

Once you’ve joined Bike Club, you can choose a new or a refurbished bike, and exchange the bike whenever you wish. 

How does Bike Club work?

It’s just like any other subscription service. Perhaps you get a monthly beer box or your favourite magazine delivered to your door. Bike Club is the same idea. You pay a monthly subscription fee in return for a bike matched to your child's size and cycling ability. When your child outgrows it, Bike Club will collect the bike from your doorstep and deliver your next bike at the same time. It couldn't be easier. 

Refurbished bikes are also available for a reduced monthly fee. These are bikes that have been ridden by Bike Club members and then returned once outgrown. Once they arrive back at the workshop, they're fully serviced and safety checked by Bike Club's expert mechanics. They'll replace any necessary parts before the bike is ready for more amazing adventures with a new family.

Why use Bike Club?

When you invest in a brand new bike for a child, there's a significant upfront cost. And if you're kitting out more than one child at a time for a new bike, the financial outlay can be quite considerable. But with Bike Club your little ones can get the latest set of wheels without great expense.

Using Bike Club is also hassle-free - you can arrange everything without even leaving the house. Should you need help choosing the best bike for your child, Bike Club's experts are on hand to guide you through every step of the process.

As any parent knows, confidence is key to safe and happy cycling. By matching your child with a perfectly-sized bike - rather than a sibling’s hand-me-down or last summer’s outgrown set of wheels - you’ll be giving your child the best chance of loving life on two wheels.

Bike Club

It’s also easier to learn to ride a bike if you’re riding one that’s just the right size. With Bike Club, you'll have peace of mind that children from as young as two years old all the way up to age 12 will be riding the right bike for their age and ability.

And when the time comes to go for a bigger bike, you won't have the headache of selling the old one. Simply arrange a collection and let Bike Club take care of the rest. 

Bike Club is also a sustainable way to get the family cycling. We all understand the need to take better care of the planet, and by subscribing to Bike Club you're helping to reduce waste since old bikes are refurbished and offered to new families at a reduced cost.

Not only will you always have the right bike to fit your child, but your outgrown bikes will no longer sit rusty and unloved at the back of your garage or shed. There are 12.5 million kids' bikes sitting unused in sheds across the UK and by joining Bike Club, you won't be adding to that number.So, whether you want an affordable way to give your child the best bike money can buy, or simply want a hassle-free way to sort out the coolest kit for your family's cycling adventures, Bike Club can help. 

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