Lovely news for the Radfords! Britain’s biggest family welcome 19th baby

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  • Lovely news for Britain’s biggest family the Radfords, who have just added to their large brood by welcoming baby number 19!

    Thought your morning routine sorting the kids out was a little frantic today? Then spare a thought for Noel and Sue Radford – proud parents of Britain’s biggest family and now new mum and dad to their 19th baby.

    Sue, 41, from Morecambe, Lancashire, brought home their newest member this week – daughter Phoebe-Willow. Yet despite having just given birth to her baby girl, weighing 7lb 15oz, the mum of 19 was already thinking about having more!

    Although originally ruling out the idea of even getting to 19 after daughter Hallie was born 13 months ago, the couple announced they were expecting again in January, so it seems likely that the pair could continue to add to their clan.

    When speaking about the possibility of getting to number 20, the new mum told The Sun: ‘Phoebe is so beautiful and I am happy to have her here safely for now – but never say never.

    The Radford family appearing on This Morning in June last year

    ‘Our friends and family keep saying I should have one more child to get an even number, rounding the family off at 20.

    ‘I can’t rule it out. At the moment I am happy to have Phoebe with us. She is healthy and a little stunner. We are over the moon to have her here.

    ‘The kids are lining up to have a cuddle with her. I find it easy to run the family because they muck in so much.’

    Sue and Noel run a family-owned bakery and pie business and do not claim benefits. Their first child, Chris, came along after Sue got pregnant at just 14 years old. The couple decided to keep their first-born, as they were both given up for adoption at birth.

    New addition Phoebe-Willow joins siblings Chris, 27, Sophie, 22, Chloe, 21, Jack, 19, Daniel, 17, Luke, 15, Millie, 14, Katie, 13, James, 12, Ellie, 11, Aimee, ten, Josh, nine, Max, seven, Tillie, six, Oscar, four, Casper, three and Hallie, 13 months.

    The family get through a staggering 120 pints of milk, 20 loaves of bread, 14 boxes of cereal and 28 toilet rolls in a week – we’re never going to moan about our weekly shop again!

    Congratulations to the Radfords!

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