Claire Sweeney reveals she suffers with incontinence since giving birth to her son

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  • It’s clear to see that Claire Sweeney is loving motherhood.

    The star, who is mum to 18-month-old Jaxon, has been enjoying every moment after welcoming her ‘miracle boy’ after two heartbreaking miscarriages in the past. But now, the 45-year-old actress has revealed one of the lesser talked about side effects of becoming a mummy.

    Appearing on Loose Women alongside Ruth Langsford, Saira Khan, Ayda Field and Linda Robson, Claire opened up on the subject of post-baby bodies by discussing her experience with incontinence since Jaxon came along.

    ‘People think about fat and wobbles, but what about when you pee yourself all the time? Every time I laugh, cough or sneeze… Tena Lady are my best friend now. No one talks about it.’

    Addressing the subject of baby weight, Claire said: ‘I don’t love my body now. I would love to be a stone lighter. But a few years ago, I had more money and and I was a stone lighter, but I am happier now. You’ve got to weigh it up.’

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    Robbie Williams’ wife and mother-of-two Ayda Field agreed: ‘I never wear grey sweatpants now. Gone. I had an incident when I was jumping up and it’s black trousers only from now on.’

    The former Brookside favourite has been outspoken about how much she loves being a ‘later life mum’, after she welcomed son Jaxon, now 18 months, into the world when she was 43. The news of her pregnancy came as a shock at the time, even to Claire, who discovered she was expecting not long after splitting from her ex-fiancĂ© and Jaxon’s father Daniel Riley.

    Claire had previously suffered two miscarriages and undergone several rounds of IVF, but her experience has made the West End star all the more grateful for becoming a mum later in life.

    ‘I’m glad I’m a mum at a stage in my life where I’m still in good health but also have the wisdom of having learned a few life lessons. Being older, I don’t stress over the little things’, she said in an interview with the Mirror.

    ‘In fact, I cherish every moment with Jaxon. He’s my miracle boy – I never thought I’d be a mum at the age of 43 but here he is and it’s the best thing to ever happen in my life.’