‘You took responsibility for our fertility’ Blogger Constance Hall applauds husband’s vasectomy

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  • Blogger and mum-of-four Constance Hall is known for sharing intimate posts about her family’s life.

    Recently, she’s spoken out about everything from having sex when you’re a parent, to being naked in the house, and her latest post, celebrating her husband’s decision to have a vasectomy, is no different.

    In a post on her Facebook page, Constance told her 571,000 fans, ‘I hate goodbyes. Last week I had to pretend I wasn’t crying when the checkout chick told me it was her last shift. I had only met her twice.

    ‘Saying goodbye to Bill’s sperm yesterday was no different but I found comfort knowing that they are still in there, they just can’t invade my eggs anymore.

    ‘He quite enjoyed the the vasectomy, his usual charismatic self charmed the 5 nurses that while they huddled around his member.

    ‘He referred to the doctor as the perfect wingman, quiet, professional, happy to hand the spot light over to Bill as he explained to the nurses that his cold member was usually ALOT bigger. When I first met Bill he wanted his member to be referred to as “Excalibur” after yesterday I have finally agreed.

    ‘Bravo Billy Boy. I love you. You took one for the Queens and took responsibility for our fertility. Once the Blue Balls have healed, Excalibur shall be rewarded. Con’.

    The post has since received 1,000 comments from followers of Constance’s blog, with many applauding both Bill’s decision and Constance’s support. ‘I cried when my husband got the snip too…,’ one sympathised.

    ‘Not that I wanted more… But it seemed so final lol… Well believe me Queenie you won’t regret the guilt free f*****y… Makes spontaneous parent sex so much simpler hahahaha rest up Bill, believe me you will be rewarded.. Con, you birthed the babies, let him feel ouch for a little then get back to sexing him up.’

    Another agreed, ‘My hubby took one for the queens too….So on the way home when we stopped to grab a case of well deserved beer i even carried it to the car for him!’

    Has your partner had a vasectomy? And did you feel you wanted to ‘reward’ them for the procedure? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.