Dapper Laughs' fiancée Shelley Rae is pregnant with their second child despite being told she was infertile

Comedian Dapper Laughs and his fiancée Shelley Rae have announced they’re expecting their second child after she was told she could not conceive.

Dapper, real name Daniel O’Reilly, revealed the exciting news to The Sun last night during the premiere of his new film, Fanged Up.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, 34, told the newspaper: ‘She’s pregnant again.

'She was told she couldn't have babies the first time around. The second time, this time, she was just about to go in a do tests and we were just trying.’

Daniel also said that they are putting their wedding plans on hold until Shelley gives birth and the couple finish their house renovations.

‘We've got a new house so we're finishing that off and we've going to wait until this baby comes and then we're going to plan the wedding,’ he explained.

Daniel proposed to Shelley earlier this year after being booted out of the Big Brother house.

They already share two-year-old daughter Neve.

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Daniel has previously opened up about the couple’s problems conceiving, and called their first pregnancy a ‘miracle’ following the news that Shelley couldn’t have children.

He told the Daily Star: ‘I’ve had to decide whether to let my fans in on this part of my life. But we discussed it and agreed that we’d introduce that Shelley was pregnant and then take them through the whole process.’

In 2016, Daniel made the headlines when he announced his plans to film the birth of his child and post the video to Snapchat.

However, things didn’t pan out and he told his social media followers why he decided against filming the event in the end: ‘I planned on Snapping the night but I wanted to go through every contraction together & it was all too emotional and private.

‘What Shelley went through is beyond words, you’re all amazing. I’m apprehensive to post a picture due to how the media portray my views towards women & it would break my heart to see her in an article.’

Dapper has faced backlash in recent years due to his controversial stand-up routines.

Following a 50,000-strong petition to axe his ITV comedy show after he made offensive jokes to a female audience member, Daniel announced on Newsnight that he was retiring from his Dapper Laughs character.

After taking a break from the limelight, he has recently returned to his alter-ego.


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