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dog Christmas outfits
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Christmas - it's a time for plentiful food and drink, quality time spent with the family, and of course, if we're lucky, lots of lovely presents under the tree.

And for animal lovers, the festive period can also be a brilliant time to get their pets into the spirit too, by dressing them up in their very own Christmas costumes.

Of course, some dog owners aren't keen on dressing up their furry friends for Christmas, and that's completely understandably

But there are others who jump at the chance to wrap their pooches up in adorable Yuletide outfits - with it presenting a perfect opportunity for some enchanting photographs and hilarious social media posts.

So from there - there's only one question - what sort of outfit should my dog wear?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there are plenty of dog Christmas outfits available to buy out there. Whether you're planning on dressing your Labrador up as an elf, or your beagle as Father Christmas himself, there's definitely a costume out there for every enthusiastic dog owner.

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dog Christmas outfit

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However, before you get stuck in to all the dress-up fun the season can bring, it's important to remember that as much as you might love it, your pet pooch might not be so keen on wearing a costume.

While some dogs will enjoy wearing a special outfit ahead of 25th December, others will feel uncomfortable and be keen to get the strange outfit off of them. If your dog shows resistance and/or appears uncomfortable or upset about the outfit, take it off immediately and don't try to put it back on again.

But, if your dog is happy to play ball (so to speak), dressing them up in a dog Christmas outfit could be a brilliantly fun way of celebrating the festive season with the entire family.

So which dog Christmas outfits are there for you to choose from?

Dog Christmas outfits: A cosy multi-coloured jumper

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's

While you might be more likely to go their for your weekly food shop, Sainsbury's are one retailer taking on the world of festive dog-wear. Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's have also brought out their very own dog Christmas outfit collection, and we love it! However, we reckon this multi-coloured jumper, full of festive patterns, is our favourite pick, because, while some like to match as a family, many dog lovers want to match with their pet. And with this outfit, you can! Pick up the dog jumper for £14, and your own, matching jumper, for £16 - aww!

SHOP NOW: £14, Tu Clothing, Sainsbury's

Dog Christmas outfits: Carrying Santa claus outfit

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

Let your dog channel his inner reindeer with this hilarious Santa Claus costume. The coat attaches as any normal one would - the only difference being that this one has a toy Santa on top holding on to some reigns, giving the impression that your pup is taking him on his annual Christmas Eve ride around the world! It's sure to delight everyone who sees it, and the coat itself is even made of breathable acrylic material, so your dog will be comfy and cosy whilst wearing it. This is definitely going on our list...

SHOP NOW: £10.99, Idepet, Amazon.co.uk

Dog Christmas outfits: A cosy reindeer jumper

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

Even us humans love a cosy Christmas jumper, and doesn't it just look so much cuter on an adorable puppy? This dog Christmas outfit is ideal if you're looking for something which is a little less novelty, and a little more chic cosy for your pup this festive season. The warm patterned knit will keep them lovely and warm over the winter, while the fun reindeer motif adds a bit of festive playfulness to the costume. It also comes in four sizes; XXS, S, M, and L, so should fit almost any breed.

SHOP NOW: £5.82, Little Ducking, Amazon.co.uk

Dog Christmas outfits: An adorable elf outfit

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

Is there anything sweeter than your very own elf puppy? This affordable dog Christmas outfit comes with a hat, complete with a pom-pom, and a matching green and red coat, each of which have a soft velour finish. And of course, if your dog isn't completely convinced by the hat, you could just stick to the coat.

SHOP NOW: £4.75, Frosty Paws, Amazon.co.uk

Dog Christmas outfits: A walking snowman

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

Now, this dog Christmas outfit is so utterly adorable that you can't help but weep tears of joy at it - right? Transform your dog into a walking, barking snowman with this soft white outfit, which simply fits over their head, with space for their face of course, giving the impression of a teeny tiny snowman running towards you! It comes with the hat and fake 'wooden' arms, so you don't need to buy anything additional to finish off the 'look'. We're sold! However, this costume might only be for you if you've got quite a small pet dog at home, as it likely won't fit properly on a bigger dog.

SHOP NOW: £21.23, RUBIE'S, Amazon.co.uk

Dog Christmas outfits: A festive knitted dress

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: H&M

Dogs have now taken over the high-street! And Sainsbury's aren't the only ones. Leading retailer H&M have recently released a dog clothing line, proving just how popular outfits for our pups are. And not only do they have lovely, year-round outfits, they've also launched some Christmas looks, which are just as gorgeous - and pretty subtle/stylish too. One of our favourites is the above, a festive knitted dress for dogs. The cute outfit is available in the dark green colour, with white and red pom-poms, and is also on sale in a Santa-esque red colour, with the appropriate white pom-poms and black belt. At £9.99, they won't break the bank either - so you could treat yourself (or, your dog), to both...

SHOP NOW: £9.99, hm.com

Dog Christmas outfits: A hooded father Christmas costume

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

If you loved the above Snowman outfit, you're going to love this one. If you'd rather your fluffy pal look more like Santa than an snowman, this £13.99 hooded Father Christmas outfit is the one to go for. It's got a warm red coat, and is two-legged, meaning your pooch will have to fit its front two legs into the costume. The Amazon seller warns that you should double check the height from the top of your dogs chest to the ground first to ensure it will fit properly - as it's probably best suited to smaller dogs.

SHOP NOW: £13.99, DELIFUR, Amazon.co.uk

Dog Christmas outfits: Carrying presents with Santa costume

dog Christmas outfit

Credit: Amazon

For those looking for a real show-stopper, this pretty extravagant - and frankly, hilarious - dog Christmas outfit is on sale. This costume makes it look as though your pet pup is helping Father Christmas to carry a big box full of gifts - but really, the dog is just wearing a rather elaborate Christmas coat! Delight the whole family by popping this on your pooch come the morning of 25th December - for a moment, they might suspect your dog really is carrying the gifts on his back! Some of the reviews mention that this outfit is probably another one for smaller breeds of dogs, due to the way it fits - which is important to keep in mind. Will you be buying it?

SHOP NOW: £16.99, LEHOUR, Amazon.co.uk

So which adorable dog Christmas outfits will you be picking up for your pup?

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