10 reasons why CBeebies’ Dr Ranj Singh gives us mumgasms

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  • It’s no secret that us stay-at-home mums aren’t exactly drowning in eye-candy ‘on-shift’.

    No flirty chats by the water cooler, no exhilarating eye contact on the commute… and is it just us, or is hubby more ‘pffft’ than ‘phwoar’ these days?

    No offence to our other halves, of course (we still love them, really). But there’s nothing like a crush to keep us feeling young, which is why we sometimes find ourselves getting kicks in some unlikely places – namely, from the TV our kids are permanently glued to.

    At the absolute top of our list is CBeebies’ Ranj Singh – and we’re not the only ones. In fact, in a recent survey of 3,003 UK mums by Families Online, Ranj came out on top of the polls for a second year running with 40 per cent of mums choosing him as their secret ‘crush’.

    Speaking to Families Online about the accolade, the humble doctor said: ‘Wowzers! I never really thought I could achieve such an accolade; it’s such an honour.  I now have the pressure of maintaining the title!’

    Also on the list were Mr Bloom’s Ben Faulks at number two, star of Andy’s Wild Adventures, Andy Day made number three. BAFTA-winning English naturalist writer and TV presenter, (best known for Deadly 60), Steve Backshall secured fourth place, and even Mr Tumble himself Justin Fletcher made an impact (well, he is a sex god after all!).

    But Dr Ranj was number one, and it’s easy to see why. Here are nine reasons that we’d love a visit to his surgery any day…


    1. He’s humble

    He overcame intense fear stripping off as part of Loose Women’s #MyBodyStories men’s campaign to raise awareness of male body image issues.

    ‘I’ve got two brothers, and growing up I never felt like the attractive one,’ he said. ‘I felt like the ugly sister really.’ N’awh!

    2. That SMILE…

    Enough said.

    3. Not to mention those smouldering brown eyes…

    One of those days… #grey #postxmasblues 😞

    A post shared by Dr Ranj (@drranj) on

    Ok, he’s just got a great face. Possibly carved by angels, although this has yet to be confirmed.

    4. He’s a man of many talents

    Not only is he an established kids’ TV presenter, his showbiz career spans This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Watchdog, Big Brother’s Bit on The Side and loads of others. Oh, and he’s got a lovely singing voice (even if he does sing about poo too much for our liking).

    5. And an actual in-real-life doctor, we should point out

    You can tell by the stethoscope.

    6. He is pint-sized

    Is it just us or does his miniature stature only seem to make him more appealing? What a cutie.

    7. He’s teaching our kids about health

    Even if he is responsible for their ‘daily ailments’.

    8. He’s a real family man

    Although he has since come out as gay, Ranj was happily married to a woman he was ‘absolutely in love with’ and he’s a doting uncle to an adorable baby boy.

    9. He loves dogs

    And if that’s not a basis for marriage, we don’t know what is.

    10. And he can seriously rock a suit

    Today's outfit… suit/shirt/tie @nooseandmonkey, waistcoat @hm #DocStyle

    A post shared by Dr Ranj (@drranj) on

    We’ll just leave this here…

    Do you have a secret kids’ TV crush? Let us know in the comments below!

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