Aldi shoppers warned to be wary of fake scam which tricks people into thinking they’ve won a £200 voucher

Avoid replying to the email
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  • Aldi shoppers warned to be wary of a fake scam which tricks people into thinking they've won a £200 voucher.

    Aldi shoppers have been warned to not fall victim to a scam that tricks people into thinking they’ve won a £200 voucher.

    A fake email is being sent around which invites recipients to ‘redeem’ their £200 Aldi gift card by clicking on an infographic but instead of rewarding people with their prize, it is a phishing scam and shoppers should look through their emails with caution today. It comes after households were warned about a Census 2021 scam.

    The email, entitled “You’ve been chosen” invites shoppers to claim their £200 gift card and features a graphic of the gift card to be clicked on.

    Fake Aldi giftcard scam

    But the email has been reported as a scam and it is advised that anyone who receives does not click on any of the links or pictures throughout. But in a further attempt to appear genuine, even at the bottom of the email, there is a routine “If you wish to stop receiving these messages, please write to:” followed by a postal address. However, this is a fake London address and shouldn’t be used.

    Another fake Aldi offer circulating is one giving a 95% discount using a code to people who take part in a survey.

    Trading Standards has stepped in to warn people about not giving their personal details over.

    The tweet reads, ‘Aldi email circulating don’t click on link or share your personal details. #ScamAware #BrumTS @BhamCityCouncil @AldiUK’

    It’s understood the latest address being used in the Aldi voucher email scam has been linked to multiple phishing scams, including a convincing Just Eat scam a few years ago.

    And Aldi gift cards are only available to purchase online or in-store and there is no free gift card reward or competition at the moment.

    With more people turning online to do their shopping, it is one of the many scams circulating at the moment from DVLA scams, or the Covid vaccine scam, as the UK prepares to follow the roadmap out of lockdown.

    And just last week people were being warned of a National Insurance scam in which people receive a call telling them that their National Insurance has been compromised and urges them to take action but it actually risks leaving some people broke.