You NEED this Christmas recipe book if you have a child with food allergies

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  • Mum and blogger Manpreet Azad has launched a free, allergy-friendly recipe book full of Christmas treats following the discovery of her daughter's life-threatening diary allergy.

    Manpreet, who shares information about allergies and understanding them on her Instagram page Food Allergy Fit, shared news of the book launch online.

    Posting a photo of the cover of the book, Manpreet penned, ‘Today’s the day! I’ve launched my allergy-friendly Christmas recipe book! 🎉⁠

    It contains over 25 of my favourite Christmas dishes including all the ones I’ll be making in the lead up to the big day to make December extra special. There is also my complete Christmas Day menu, including veggie options and even Boxing Day leftovers! 🍴 ⁠

    There’s also a guide on food prep for someone with allergies, which is great for sharing with whoever’s preparing the food if you’re not the one hosting this year.’

    Allergy-friendly Christmas Recipes by Manpreet Azad

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    Providing easy tips on how to cook safe with simple ingredients in the book, Manpreet added, ‘I talk about how to adapt your own favourite recipes to suit any allergy while still tasting incredible, as well as how to plan your Christmas Day traditions around your young family, for a magical and joyful Christmas for everyone!⁠’

    Manpreet’s daughter Eva was just eight months old when she suffered a severe reaction to dairy.

    ‘Nothing can quite prepare you for the shock of those first few months! When Eva was just 8 months old our lives dramatically changed again after she suffered an anaphylactic shock from a yoghurt.

    ‘I had no idea she was allergic to dairy as I’d exclusively breastfed. Looking back there were signs of an allergy that I hadn’t understood,’ she penned online.

    Sharing her inspiration behind her Instagram page, she added, ‘Even with numerous Drs appointments and specialist referrals this had not been picked up. It’s been a huge learning experience for me and my tribe. It’s hard enough being a parent let alone one with an allergy child.

    ‘So, I’ve set up @foodallergyfit to help support families, child care providers and people working with food to work better in preventing life threatening allergic reactions and providing the emergency care needed, quickly and correctly, ultimately saving lives.’