This is what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby Archie is really like according to someone who’s met him

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  • Master Archie is almost three-months-old, and he’s apparently already showing signs of what is personality is like.

    Meghan and Harry welcomed their first baby back in May, but it seems the tot is growing up very fast and already showing signs of a ‘gentle’ personality.

    According to The Sun’s royal reporter Emily Andrews, the little boy was described as ‘very cute & very gentle’ by Dame Jane Goodall, who met him last month.

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    The one thing you probably missed during Archie’s first public appearance

    The animal rights icon and campaigner visited Prince Harry at Frogmore House for a meeting, and at the end she was surprised by Meghan and baby Archie.

    According to the reporter, the Duchess of Sussex came over from Frogmore Cottage to tell Jane that she’s a big fan – and that’s how she got to meet their son.

    Royal reporter Emily Andrews explained in a tweet: ‘Jane (who was amazing) also revealed she’d cuddled Archie last month, when she was at Frogmore to see Harry.

    ‘Meghan also popped in at the end & told her: “You’ve been my idol since I was a child. I’ve hero worshipped you all my life”.’

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    Explaining the visit further, she wrote: ‘Dr Jane visited Harry at Frogmore House (not Cottage) last month, on June 13, and at the end of their meeting Meghan popped in with Archie so Jane could meet him and have a cuddle.

    ‘She said he’s “very cute & very gentle” and made very sweet baby “gurgling noises”.’

    The mum-of-one had previously described her first bundle of joy as a ‘calm’ baby, so it’s no wonder he’s growing up to be a gentle tiny human.

    Just days after giving birth, Meghan said at a private photo call at Windsor Castle: ‘It’s magic, it’s pretty amazing, and I have the two best guys in the world so I’m really happy.

    ‘He has the sweetest temperament, he’s really calm and has just been a dream. It’s been a special couple of days.’