Clarks is offering kids who outgrow their shoes a free pair until February

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  • Calling all parents: this amazing deal means you won't have to pay for new kid's shoes until February.

    High street shoe shop Clarks are promising to replace kids’ shoes for free if they outgrow them before February.

    So confident is Clarks in its fitting system, that if parents took their child to get a special fitting in store, but the child outgrows the shoes, parents won’t have to pay for a new pair until 28th February 2021.

    The offer applies to all full price back to school kids shoes – including boots, plimsolls and trainers.

    Of course there are a few stipulations preventing the offer from being a free for all.

    For one, the guarantee only applies to shoes bought between July 13th and September 14th this year. So unfortunately there’s no swapping a two-year-old pair of battered trainers for a shiny new pair. The shoes will also have to have been fitted by a trained Clarks fitter in store – meaning online purchases don’t make the grade.

    For those feeling apprehensive about visiting a store in the wake of coronavirus, Clarks have put a Covid-19 protection plan in place. As with many retailers, the number of people allowed in at one time has been capped, with a queuing system in place to ensure social distancing. And when it comes to fitting, if customers aren’t comfortable with being touched, the trained fitters will talk you through the process of how to measure your own feet in store.

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    What’s more is parents can only swap a shoe if it’s an infant size 10 and above.

    But the guarantee doesn’t completely ignore littler feet: infant sizes seven to nine and a half will be able to take advantage of the deal, too, but for a slightly shorter period. These smaller sizes will be able to swap their shoes from the date of purchase up until November 30th. (The smaller the feet, the quicker they grow and all that.)

    To swap the shoes, you will need to bring the old pair into store, show your receipt, and have a Clarks fitter confirm that they are too small. The new shoes that you select must be the same price or cheaper as the pair being swapped.

    Still, sounds like a deal too good to pass up.

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