Genius hack to revive your non-stick pan using this simple cupboard ingredient

A TikTok user has revealed the ultimate non-stick pan cleaning hack using one particularly surprising cupboard ingredient. 

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A TikTok user has revealed the ultimate non-stick pan cleaning hack using one surprising cupboard ingredient. 

We all love effective easy cleaning tricks to make our lives that bit simpler, whether it’s hacks like how to make carpet freshener at home, or how to paint a drawer knob using a potato. And when it comes to the kitchen, non-stick pans may be perfect for cooking up a storm, but it’s all too easy to scratch their all-important surface when cleaning them. Now a TikTok user has revealed an ingenious non-stick pan cleaning hack - and you’ll need one rather unexpected cupboard ingredient! 

TikTok user Sophie Louise left her followers stunned after she shared her simple trick for reviving non-stick frying pans back to their original state. In the video, which has now had over 2 million views, she asks: “Have you got a frying pan that is meant to be non-stick but it sticks now?”

She then goes on to explain that you simply need to give it a first clean with some washing-up liquid and a soft sponge - never a scourer, which can ruin the non-stick coating of your pans. Give your pan a wash and dry it, before putting your hob on a high heat and wait for it to become very, very hot. 


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“Then, cover the base in table salt,” she explains. “Shake it about so it is evenly spread and you are going to want this to cook and it is going to end up looking a bit like brown sugar.”

“It will only take a few minutes to cook like this depending on how long your hob’s been on for. I tip mine down the sink because it also cleans my sink as well. 

She then uses a piece of damp kitchen towel to wipe the excess salt away. 

Does this non-stick pan cleaning hack really work?

Whilst this might seem like a particularly unusual way to revive your non-stick pans, it seems it really can work wonders. Sophie Louise went on to demonstrate the effectiveness of her pan cleaning method by frying an egg in it afterwards.

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“This frying pan used to stick before this and you will see that now it won’t!” she says, before pouring oil into the pan and cracking an egg into it. 

Perhaps to the astonishment of some, using salt seems to have done the trick as the egg doesn’t stick to the frying pan at all. 

Will you be giving this non-stick pan hack a try at home?

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