Kate Middleton’s mum Carole forced to remove ‘Zombie Sleeping Princess’ Halloween kids’ costume after Princess Diana controversy

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  • Kate Middleton's mum Carole has been slammed for selling a 'Zombie Sleeping Princess' Halloween costume on her website Party Pieces.

    The Duchess of Cambridge’s mum is under fire after a friend of the late Princess Diana branded one of the Halloween outfits she’s selling ‘sick’.

    The outfit in question is a ‘Zombie Sleeping Princess’, which is described on the website as: ‘Our Zombie Sleeping Princess costume in pink includes a dress with chest print detail.

    ‘This not so pretty princess costume features a blood-drenched pink silky dress with a jagged skirt. The top includes a gruesome print of the poor zombie princesses ribcage and organs.

    ‘This princess will be the scariest princess at any Halloween party.’

    Because of the association it could have with the late Princess Diane, a friend of William and Harry’s mum branded the costume as ‘warped and twisted’.

    Party Pieces Halloween costume

    Credit: Party Pieces

    Simone Simmons, who was friends with Diana and has written two books about her, told The Mirror: ‘This is sicker than sick. I hope people boycott this site.’

    Editor in chief of Majesty magazine and royal author Ingrid Seward also said that the Halloween offering is ‘in very poor taste’, according to the publication.

    Royal fans were split on the issue on social media, with some agreeing that the outfit should not have been on sale. One said: ‘Oh no that’s awful. Rather disgusting, what’s harry William saying about that. No no no.’

    However, others thought it was just a harmless Halloween costume with no association to Princess Diana.

    One wrote: ‘It doesn’t say Diana ? Just says zombie princess’; while another added: ‘Where’s the problem,it’s just a kids Halloween outfit,nothing at all in this outfit resembles Diana.’

    Following the controversy, the outfit has now been removed from the Party Pieces website but the company has not yet commented on the issue.

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