Kate Middleton has an exciting 'secret' project in the works and it's all about children's early years

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is embarking on a new project, that will see her unveil a ‘major body of work’ later this year.

The website for the Duchess and Prince William’s charity foundation The Royal Foundation has shared an update on the Duchess’ upcoming venture, explaining that it will spotlight the importance of early intervention in childhood.

The Early Years section of the site reads, ‘The first few years of childhood are more pivotal for development, future health and happiness, than any other single moment of our lifetime.

With greater focus on the early years, the Duchess of Cambridge believes we can better provide solid social and emotional platforms for children to make them healthier and more resilient later in life.’

Kate Middleton

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Duchess Catherine's interest in childhood development is thought to have stemmed from her previous involvement with issues such as family break down.

The Duchess has observed that so many of society's greatest social and health challenges, and the inter-generational cycle of disadvantage, could be mitigated or entirely avoided by providing the right support for children in the earliest years in life', it can also be read in the new update.

The royal previously expressed her goal to work on the issue of early childhood years back in 2018, at a conference for leading academic charities.

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Here she spoke out and said, “We know how negative the downstream impact can be, if problems emerging at the youngest age are overlooked, or ignored.

“It is therefore vital that we nurture children through this critical, early period.

“I really do feel so passionately about the importance of early intervention, and that by working on new approaches together, we can make a real difference for generations to come.”