Kate Middleton's secret athletic skill revealed by former teachers

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Duchess Catherine’s secret athletic skill has been revealed. The royal’s former teachers gave insight into her school days.

  • Duchess Catherine’s secret athletic skill has been revealed by her former teachers.
  • The royal’s teachers opened up on what the Duchess was like when she attended school as a young teenager.
  • In other royal news (opens in new tab), Prince William's adorable comment reveals how Princess Charlotte takes after her mum.

Duchess Catherine’s former school teachers have given insight into what the royal was like as a young teenager.

The Duchess of Cambridge was reunited with teachers earlier this week when she and Prince William made a royal visit to South Wales.

When she was younger, Catherine attended St Andrew’s prep school in Berkshire’s Pangbourne until she was 14, along with sister Pippa Middleton and their brother James.

So the Duchess made a special visit to her former stomping grounds during this week’s royal visit where she reunited with her former mentors.

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And during the visit, Catherine’s former languages teacher Kevin Allford, who taught the royal French and German during her time at the institution, opened up on a secret skill that the Duchess possessed.

Describing her as a "hard worker and very conscientious,” the teacher told the Press Association, "obviously she was the same in sport.

“She was a tremendous athlete and swimmer,” continued Kevin. “I used to be in charge of swimming and she was very, very good, as her sister was."

Mr Allford and his wife Denise Evans-Allford, who was the Duchess’s PE teacher when she attended the school, ventured out during the Duchess’s visit this week in order to get a glimpse of her.

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On their visit, the couple passed a note to a security officer hoping that it would make it to the Duchess in order for her to contact them in the future.

"The security officer very kindly took that back into the ice cream place and then somebody came to find us,” continued Kevin. “She said, 'Follow me' and she put us right next to the doorway. We really want to thank that security officer."

The Duchess then came out to meet her former teachers, telling them, "I want to instil in my children what I learned at St Andrews”.

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