‘Absolutely disgusting’ Katie Price slams Christmas jumpers making fun of son Harvey

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  • Katie Price has criticised people wearing Christmas jumpers that make fun of her son Harvey, who suffers from the genetic disorder Prader-Willi syndrome.

    The jumpers were being sold on eBay, and feature a picture of Harvey with the caption ‘Ho Ho Hello You C**ts’ – something Harvey said while on Loose Women earlier this year.

    Katie found out about the products after a video of a man wearing it went viral, in which his girlfriend tells him to take it off.

    Sharing a link to the video, Katie said: ‘Why do people continue to mock my son. If these people met Harvey they would feel disgusted!’

    She also told The Sun: ‘We think it’s absolutely disgusting.’

    The tweet struck a chord with many people, who agreed with the mum’s criticism of the festive jumpers.

    Hollyoaks star Tamara Wall wrote: ‘This is truly disgusting !! I pray their own children don’t ever get mocked in this way. Sending love to beautiful Harvey!’

    A second user wrote: ‘I think this is appalling. I don’t know what’s worse…. the person who chose to wear it or the person who chose to create it in the first place! I know it’s not easy but try to ignore it…. Harvey is more of a human being than these idiots will ever be…..’

    A third said: ‘Why on earth are these pepole who are making this stuff getting away with it ???? And selling it ! Why is wrong with pepole it’s disgusting! And shame on all those who buy the products !!’

    Another added: ‘This is absolutely disgusting! When will people just leave the poor kid alone, to just live his life in peace??!! as a mum, I’d b absolutely devastated if i had to deal with my son being abused like this daily stay strong @KatiePrice give Harvey a big hug from me & my kids.’

    Most jumpers available online have since been taken down.