Latest social media challenge sees kids ‘eating’ their own fingers

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  • Social media seems to have taken over the world.

    And since the rise of social media apps and websites, there have been countless viral challenges that have swept the Internet, picking up more and more participants on the way.

    And while some like the Ice Bucket Challenge (which even managed to draw in a host of celebrities like Chris Pratt, Oprah Winfrey, and Amy Schumer) and the #SmearforSmear lipstick selfie were quite endearing, as they were entertaining and interesting but for the purposes of charity, others have been quite baffling.

    A few years back we saw the Plank Challenge, which involved social media users dropping into a plank in weird, random and inappropriate places.

    And then there was the Cinnamon Challenge that saw people attempt to eat a spoonful of ground cinnamon in less than a minute without taking a drink.

    And of course the beloved Mannequin Challenge that we actually all secretly loved because it was inexplicably mesmerising to watch and somehow actually felt like a bit of an accomplishment.

    But now things have gone to another level with what must be the craziest social media challenge yet – kids ‘eating’ their own fingers.

    In the weirdest viral sensation so far, kids and teenagers are taking to social media app TikTok, which is used to create short videos, to create a clip that makes it look like they’re eating their own fingers. Really.

    Accompanied by 2003 hit Bring Me To Life by Evanescence (because why not…), the videos see TikTok users adopting the app’s mirror effect setting to make it look as if they are disembodying a finger from each hand and popping it in their mouths.

    We thought we’d peaked last year with The Kiki Challenge and the subsequent Baby Shark Challenge, which saw fans of the rapper drake dance to his song In My Feelings alongside the open door of a moving car.

    The Baby Shark Challenge then copied suit but with the dancer acting as a shark and listening to the Baby Shark song.

    But clearly humankind can really reach new heights of lunacy.

    We wonder what else 2019 will bring…

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