Royal fans are loving video of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's adorable moment during secret visit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry paid a surprise visit to a baseball game in support of the Invictus Games, and royal fans can't get over the adorable moment they shared...

The pair surprised attendees at the London stadium in the Olympic Park, as they joined to meet the teams that were plying at the first of a two game series of the Major League Baseball, in support of Harry's Invictus Games.

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The two teams playing were the very popular Yankees and Red Sox, and the couple took time to see them in the changing rooms, where they shared an incredibly sweet moment that was captured in video.

In the clip, shared by royal fan account Duke and Duchess of Sussex Daily, shows Meghan and Harry receiving a cute present for their baby Archie - a tiny Yankees baseball jersey, with his name printed on the back.

It's clear both parents were overjoyed by the thoughtful gift, and Harry even took as an opportunity to joke about the presents they got from the other team.

'You've beaten next door's present', he said, making the whole room laugh.

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Alongside the adorable video, the description read: 'Cutest moment ever when Harry and Meghan received a tiny little baseball jersey for little Archie from the Yankees, with Archie’s name on the back of course! 🖤'.

One said: 'Omg !!!!!! So adorable, love her expression, what a awesome gift♥️Megahan looks so beautiful and what an amazing couple, they look so happy together....many blessings always 😍♥️.'

Another added: 'Aw!!!! Their faces when they saw the gift that was so precious and oh Harry with his response 😂😂😂.'

A third wrote: 'Meghan's reaction priceless💜⚾️ I wanted to hug her.'

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

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This was a surprise appearance from Meghan, who's currently on maternity leave after welcoming baby Archie in May 6.

After introducing her new baby to the world a couple of days after the birth, the new mum also attended Trooping of the Colour in June but was expected to keep a low profile until she resumes her royal duties in the autumn.

The couple have announced they will be going on tour of South Africa, and are taking their new bundle of joy with them.

We can't wait for the pictures of little baby Archie!

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