Mum issues scary warning as her toddler is rushed to hospital after swallowing baby oil

A mum has issued a frightening warning to other parents, after her son was rushed to hospital when he swallowed baby oil.

JennaJoy Ingraham explained how her son Grayson, who is now three, grabbed a bottle of baby oil left unattended and drank a "little bit" when he was 18 months old.

Her husband, Casey, saw and quickly confiscated the bottle from Grayson - but didn't think anything of it.

Moments after, JennaJoy noticed her son suddenly became "lethargic" and was "falling asleep sitting up".

Speaking to Fabulous, the worried mother explained, "When we picked him up, it was just dead weight and he kept trying to fall asleep in our arms. We called the on-call nurse only because of how he was acting. Had he not acted any differently, we wouldn’t have thought anything of him drinking a little baby oil."

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She continued, "The nurse directed us to call Poison Control which started my panic.

"Poison Control asked some questions about his behavior along with his coughing and told us to take him to the ER now in case he aspirated any of it and it got in his lungs."

Poison Control told JennaJoy and Casey that baby oil can be incredibly hazardous if inhaled and that it's "the equivalent to you or I of drinking gasoline" - something most parents don't know.

They quickly took their son to hospital, where he had X-rays on his lungs, and Casey stayed watching over his little one until 3am, when symptoms were expected to start if there were any complications.

Casey and JennaJoy watched the tot closely for 24 hours, but luckily he was fine, and the couple now want to spread awareness of the dangers of baby oil.

JennaJoy says she feels "anxious but extremely lucky" after the ordeal.

She finished, "I also really feel the need to spread the word of how dangerous that little bottle all new mums get at their baby shower or have next to the bath or changing table actually can be."

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