Mum shares GENUIS bib hack to reduce laundry after messy meal times

One mum's clever hack for saving time and money on laundry has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times.

bib trick

Mum's clever hack for saving time and money on laundry has been shared on Facebook over 10,000 times.

When Chloe Louise was contacted by her sister Natalie Jane Murphy, who asked her about the 'new' plastic bibs she was using to feed her baby - she revealed they weren't new or different.

In fact, Chloe was using both sides of her baby's bib, the material side for drinks and the plastic side for food.

Sharing the anecdote on Facebook, Chloe revealed her sister's question made her realise she'd 'discovered' something ingenious!

In the post, which has more than 5,000 likes and 16,000 comments, Chloe said: 'So, my sister Natalie Jane Murphy has just called me and asked me what a 'new' plastic bibs am I using when I feed my little boy food.

'I told her I use the soft material side when I give him his bottles of milk and I turn it around and use the plastic side when I give him food.

'It doesn't stain the soft material and it's easy to wipe the food off. She said she's never thought of doing it and she's mind-blown.'

Chloe added that she thought this was 'normal' and asked, 'am I the only one who does this?'

Following the monumental response, it seems most mums and dads were in the dark when it came to this trick. One commented, '17 years too late for me, I never knew this.'

Another mum said: 'I have these bibs. I'm definitely going to do this. Great idea!' One other said: 'I'm amazed. I never knew. How did we not know this?!

One Facebook commenter added: 'What a good idea! Pity I didn’t think of this when my kids were small. It could have saved me a load of washing.'

But not everyone was unaware of this trick.

One mum commented that she'd used this hack 40 years ago!

It seems Chloe has opened the eyes of thousands of parents across the nation, and there will be less washing all round for our mucky babies.

Chloe's not the only one with an eye for a good mum hack. Earlier this year, we shared how on mum used bin bags to keep her baby sleeping for longer.

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