Primark's Harry Potter advent calendar for 2020 is coming soon - in these stores only!

Harry Potter advent calendar

Primark has announced that their coveted Harry Potter advent calendar will be on sale again this year, and it's coming very soon.

If you're a Harry Potter fan or know someone who is, you won't want to miss Primark's Harry Potter advent calendar. Announcing the exciting news on Facebook, the retailer wrote, 'This year’s coveted Harry Potter calendar is making its way into stores…

'When the autumn term draws to a close, make sure you have this Hogwarts advent calendar on-hand to start the Christmas countdown in wizarding style 💫 Fill the drawers with all kinds of treats – this will be a Christmas tradition you can continue for years to come! 🎄'[0]=68.ARAp-MuTegElIzc7hC446EgxT_b3LgaLmZRlvv1tv0ZqxP5Sem8dyXks30ucK7PRU18ToG7xhgyCx0BLD7mS8qfXGB9iYsiRpvh3UpFKUYnqsFfcB-3Q8b77dVb7axczdTMA1XVe0CNDS-M5qseBU6nVhY2wcACEcanFGCN0DQbeQavqpnKROOnis6kdjMB6tTqEqR9-vv8y22euZXEYpFrMPBGSKTb92EysncNRKtZmKFNql6hmuWhVjAvH47RSARAk9oPGuojTLCF1UNynwk0_t6Dh9KizQpBtZhRYiUd9onUvTygmcirhboRSeyQX4FQtuFLxFSSJ4wnZYuZ1NFf81g&__tn__=-R

They've also announced where you can buy the calendar, so check the above post to see if your local store will have them available!

Scroll down to learn everything you need to know about the Harry Potter advent calendar...

What is Primark's Harry Potter advent calendar?

With lots of non-chocolate advent calendars on the market, it's easy to feel spoiled for choice over the festive season. But if you're looking for a calendar you can reuse year after year, this Harry Potter one is a great option.

Shaped like Hogwarts and featuring 24 drawers, you can put your own treats into the calendar. So it makes a lovely present for a special someone in your life, as you can fill it with their favourite things. Primark also recommends checking out their range of Harry Potter merchandise if you need inspiration!

How much is Primark's Harry Potter advent calendar?

The calendar will retail for £16 in selected stores across the UK, but won't be available online. So you'll have to head in-store if you want to pick one up. They haven't confirmed exactly when the calendar will be on sale, so keep an eye out for updates!

What other Harry Potter advent calendars are available?

If this one doesn't interest you, there's plenty of other advent calendars theme around the wizarding world. If you're shopping for kids, take a look at our advent calendars for kids list. There's some great options on there, like LEGO sets, Playmobil, and more.

You could also treat yourself (or someone else) to a Harry Potter subscription box for loads of magical goodies!

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