You can now buy a Harry Potter subscription box and it’s packed with magical Hogwarts merch

Harry Potter subscription
(Image credit: Geek Gear)

Calling all Potterheads! You can now get your hands on a Harry Potter themed subscription box.

The box of wizardry is the ideal purchase for the Hogwarts obsessed person in your life.

Or, if you’re obsessed with the famous workings of J. K. Rowling’s imagination, then nab it for yourself as a monthly letterbox treat.

The magical packages by Geek Gear are filled to the brim with merchandise from the enchanted world of HP and his pals.

Harry Potter

Credit: Geek Gear

The boxes include a T-shirt printed with the house colours of either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

The clothing can be ordered in adult and child size and personalised to match your chosen house. There’ll also be an arty print and at least four other treats included.

Prices start at £24.99 for the exciting delivery. You can pay month by month or pre-pay for a three month, six month or 12 month stint.

Geek Gear Box’s Simon Pretswell told Tyla, “We owe our success to the incredibly passionate fandom that surrounds it.

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“We started by posting out just a few boxes out every month, but the passion surrounding the Boy Who Lived means we now send thousands of boxes each month all over the world.

“It’s great that Harry Potter fans are so enthusiastic about the franchise, heading to conventions, dressing up in cosplay, writing fan fiction and eagerly anticipating any new film, book or play they can get their hands on.”

Loads of Harry Potter fanatics have already left their rave reviews for the sub box.

I am so stoked about this! Best box ever! I love everything inside it’s crazy,’ wrote one.

Geek Gear was the first subscription box I signed up for and I love your boxes,’ raved another.

I really love the beautiful wands,’ chipped in a third.

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