Prince George reportedly took part in a controversial royal tradition over the weekend

Are people right to be outraged?

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Prince George is thought to have reached a controversial mile stone over the weekend as he attended his first grouse shoot with his father in Scotland.

Prince George is the eldest of Kate and William's three children and at five-years-old he already has an impressive array of hobbies under his belt.

Earlier this year it was revealed that he had started learning to ride horses and we already knew his parents were keen for him to learn sports such as skiing (opens in new tab), tennis and football.

Plus, when Prince George starts school in September he'll be following in Charlotte's footsteps and taking up ballet classes.

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However as the summer draws to a close, the latest activity Prince George is thought to have experienced is causing quite the stir on Twitter.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis spent the Bank Holiday weekend with their parents visiting their much loved Gan Gan (opens in new tab) at the Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Why Prince George’s first day back to school will be extra special this year (opens in new tab)

According to Emily Andrews, The Sun's royal correspondent, Prince George was taken for his first grouse hunt with his father Prince William who started shooting from a young age.

A source told the paper: 'It was a very jolly family lunch. The men and Princess Anne all shoot in the morning, then the wives and children join the party for the shoot lunch on the moor.'


As the news broke people took to Twitter to share their disappointment that Prince George was being taught to shoot as a sport, even in this day and age.

It comes months after Prince George sparked debate online after he was spotted playing with a toy gun at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo.

One Twitter user wrote: 'I just saw that Prince George has been taken to his first grouse shoot, all in the name of ‘Sport’. Such a shame that another innocent child will grow up to believe that killing animals for fun will be the normal thing to do.'

Another said: 'Surely this can't be right!?! Environmental warrior William, you know friend of the rhino, going out killing for fun in front of his young son - can't believe it.. 🤔🙄'.

A third added: 'How sad! No hope for the new generation of royals!'

However other people thought the anger was misplaced. One person wrote: 'So Prince George has been taken to a Grouse shoot and people are outraged. Odds on many of the same folk eat meat. Far better to kill and eat a bird raised in the wild, shot with no knowledge of what's coming than eat a factory farmed chicken/pig. Misplaced outrage in my opinion.'

What do you think about Prince George reaching this controversial milestone? Is it a tradition the Royal Family should fade out or is it perfectly acceptable if they're eating the grouse and not just shooting for leisure? Head over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts! 

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