Prince Harry and Meghan Markle criticised for their first ‘job’ since royal split

Mark Borkowski believes the couple need to be careful
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  • A PR expert has criticised Prince Harry and Meghan for being paid almost $1 million to speak at a JP Morgan event.

    The pair reportedly attended JP Morgan’s Alternative Investment Summit in Miami at the 1 Hotel South Beach.

    Prince Harry took the stage to speak in front of more than 425 bankers and a number of famous faces, including Jennifer Lopez and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

    Focusing on the topic of mental health, it’s reported that Harry spoke about the death of his mother and his decision to give up his place as a senior royal.

    harry and meghan

    Prince Harry and Meghan reportedly attended the event in Florida (Credit: Getty)

    But PR expert Mark Borkowski has raised concerns over the sincerity of the speech – especially due to the fact the couple were reportedly paid almost $1 million for their appearance.

    Speaking to the Mail Online, Borkowski said, “They’ve got to make a lot of money and they are going to slip up on the way.

    “The worry is how many of these type of gigs are there going to be? How often can Harry play the card about his mental health?”

    He added, “They clearly have the money to afford them, but Harry and Meghan need to avoid being perceived as tacky.”

    Mark believes the pair need to be careful about cashing in financially for speaking about personal issues, as well as being hypocritical when it comes to climate change.

    According to The Mirror, the company behind the event – JP Morgan – has reportedly spent around £152billion on firms that support and carry out fracking and Arctic oil and gas exploration, as well as other fossil fuel projects.

    Prince Harry and Meghan have previously spoken their passion for climate change in the past.

    Mark added, “How they accept money, and from whom, is going to be a challenge going forward.”