Prince Harry reveals Meghan Markle dressed Archie up in honour of England’s rugby final

Prince Harry travelled to Japan to see England play the World Rugby cup final on Saturday, and he shared the cutest picture of baby Archie while there.

  • The proud dad shared the snap with the England rugby players as he showed his support for the team.
  • Meghan Markle had already revealed that she would be dressing Archie up for the big day.
  • This follows royal news (opens in new tab) that the couple hinted at what Archie’s Halloween costume was – and it’s so cute! (opens in new tab)

Prince Harry, just like any other parent, never misses a moment to gush about his baby son. So it’s no surprise that while supporting the England rugby players, the royal revealed that his little one was also behind the team back at home.

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The adorable detail was shared by flanker Sam Underhill, who was asked if the team has received any support from the royal family ahead of the game.

“He sent us a nice message of support, which was nice to receive”, he said during a press conference. “He showed his little lad in an England shirt, so that was a nice touch.”

Royal fans immediately got really excited, even though we probably won’t get a chance to see the picture ourselves.

One said, ‘A pic with the little lad in an England shirt... Aw🥰🥰’.

Another said, ‘Archie in his England shirt.🤗🤗🤗.'

While others were still waiting to see the snap, commenting, ‘Awww... We need a pic! If We don't see a pic, it didn't happen!'

Of course with Harry all the way in Japan, the dressing up was all down to mum Meghan, who stayed in the UK with baby Archie.

Journalist Bryony Gordon, who recently interviewed Meghan, also revealed the mum’s plans, “Meghan tells me that while her husband has flown to Japan in his role as a patron for the RFU, she and Archie will be watching the Rugby World Cup final tomorrow morning, Archie in an England babygro "Go England! she beams."