Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ‘observing coronavirus quarantine’ in Canada

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle completed their final duties as senior members of the royal family earlier this month.

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their official move over to their new life in Canada earlier this month.
  • The couple and their baby son Archie are now "observing quarantine" amid fears of the coronavirus.
  • This royal news comes after it was revealed the Queen is set to self-isolate at Windsor Castle.

The pair jetted back to the UK for their last handful of engagements, before heading back to Canada to begin their new life across the pond with their ten-month-old son, Archie.

But with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, the family have been reportedly been forced to stay indoors and quarantine I their Vancouver Island home.

According to an US Weekly source, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are playing their part in government advice to practice social distancing in a bid to “flatten the curve”.

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By “observing the quarantine” the pair are “following the rules put forth by the World Health Organisation” according to the insider.

There are also concerns that new father Harry may have been exposed to Covid-19 when he met and hugged Lewis Hamilton at the beginning of March.

Just days before their meeting, the British race car driver had been with Idris Elba and Sophie Trudeau, the wife of the Canadian prime minister, who have now both tested positive for the potentially deadly virus.

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A source from the palace explained, “[The Sussexes are] taking the appropriate measure of heeding government advice. Like everyone, they are taking government advice, and if and when they are specifically made aware of being in contact with someone who has tested positive, they will act accordingly.

“We are not commenting or guiding further on private medical details,” they went on to tell Bazaar.

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Naturally, the coronavirus has had a big impact on the royal family residing in the UK too.

Her Majesty the Queen has cancelled all upcoming public engagements in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have cancelled their spring tour. The couple were due to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus and Jordan but the visits have now been postponed.

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