Dogs tilt their heads to the side when they look at you for the cutest reason

If you’re a pet owner, you've probably wished your little furry friend could understand you a little better...

It's pretty sad that when you’re having a full-blown conversation with your pet pup, they can't respond.

They have however, come up with other ways of communicating with their owners.

Of course, it’s common knowledge that if a pup is wagging their tail they’re filled with happiness.

Or, when dogs snuggle close to us they are showing their love.

But, it’s a not commonly known that if your pet dog tilts their heads to the side when looking at us, they are trying to tell us that they care.

How cute!

Dogs tilt heads

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Apparently, our pampered-pooches tilt their little heads to the side as a way to tell us they are empathetic towards us, according to scientists on the Mental Floss website.

It’s their way of showing that they are listening, they are engaging, and they care.

The site explains: ‘Dogs are capable of recognising certain parts of human language, so when they cock their heads as you speak to them, it's possible they're listening for specific words and inflections they associate with fun activities like meals and playtime.’

There are also other reasons for this cute head cock.

Dogs also tilt their heads to hear better. It’s a way of positioning their heads so their outer ear can find the source of the sound.

And, since the dog’s nose is right in front of their eyes, the slight head tilt allows them to see you better as they are trying to read your facial expressions.

While you may think the casual head tilt is a hint that your pooch is after more dog treats, they are actually conveying empathy towards you.

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And, if you’re pup is a frequent head-tilter this may mean that they are very empathetic and understanding.

We are sure these extra furry friend facts will make you think your little pooch is even cuter – watch out for that head tilt.

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