When can you start wearing a poppy and how much should you give for a poppy?

All the rules around when can you start wearing a poppy for Remembrance Day

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Remembrance Day is around the corner, and people are asking when can you start wearing a poppy and also want to know more about the long-standing traditions in place. 

From which side do you wear a poppy to what does a white poppy mean, there’s a lot to get right, so we've rounded up the facts to reveal when is Remembrance Sunday 2023 and how much should you donate for wearing one. 

Remembrance Day is dedicated to honouring and remembering members of the armed forces who lost their lives in conflicts, particularly World War I, and it’s marked by ceremonies, minutes of silence, and the wearing of poppies to symbolise remembrance. 

When can you start wearing a poppy?

Poppy wearing usually begins in late October, leading up to Remembrance Day which is 11 November, and you can start wearing a poppy during this period.

Wearing poppies to remember soldiers started during World War I, inspired by a famous poem. People wear them to honour and support veterans, and the tradition has spread to many countries.

It’s a symbol of remembrance for those who served and sacrificed their lives. 

Many have differing opinions on the day the poppy should first be worn, with some believing you should wait until after Halloween and Bonfire Night (5 November), whereas others think it should only be worn on Remembrance Day. 

So, it's up to you when you decide to start wearing one, but most people can be seen wearing them from early November.

When is Remembrance Sunday 2023? 

Remembrance Sunday 2023 is observed on the second Sunday in November every year. In 2023, Remembrance Sunday is on 12 November. 

The main event is the laying of wreaths at war memorials, including the Cenotaph in London to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their countries. 

It’s a very solemn occasion for reflection, and a way for the public to show their gratitude and respect for veterans and fallen soldiers. 

The Royal British Legion website states: “This is a physical reminder of all those that have served and sacrificed, with British and Commonwealth soldiers, sailors, airmen and women represented, together with members of the emergency services and civilians, ensuring that no-one is forgotten.

“Remembrance Sunday is a national opportunity to remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life.”

When is Remembrance Day 2023?

Remembrance Day 2023 will be on Saturday 11 November. Also known as Armistice Day, it takes place on the same date – the 11th – every year.

This day commemorates the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany in 1918, marking the end of World War I. 

On Armistice Day, many people choose to observe the two-minute silence at 11am. The silence is as a tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country, and is observed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. In 1918, it was at this time when the guns of Europe fell silent, marking the end of World War I and four years of fighting. 

Where can I buy a poppy in 2023?

You can typically buy a poppy in various locations leading up to Remembrance Day. Poppy sales are often organised by the Royal British Legion. You can find them in various places such as Poppy Appeal stands, supermarkets, street collectors and volunteers and official charity platforms online. 

There are lots of different poppies on offer, from the traditional paper lapel poppies to sustainable and long-lasting pin badges that you can re-wear every year. And of course, your poppy doesn't have to be red. 

With white poppies, black poppies and purple poppies becoming increasingly more common, there are many ways to commemorate those who fought and are still fighting in conflicts around the world.

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How much should you give for a poppy? 

The amount you give for a poppy is entirely voluntary and could be based on two things: what you can afford and your personal choice. 

In many cases, people donate a small amount in exchange for a poppy during the annual Poppy Appeal. 

The typical donation might be a few pounds, but there is no fixed amount, and any contribution you make will be appreciated as it goes to support veterans and their families.

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