Learn the Royal-approved tips used on royal kids like Prince George to help with parenting problems

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  • Royal-approved Norland Nanny gives her tips on how to cope with raising children.

    A Royal Norland Nanny, who is trained to royal standards has given an insight into the parenting tips taught to new mums and dads like Prince William and Kate.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three children – Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five and Prince Louis, aged two and although they are typically hands-on parents, they have enlisted the help of a Norland Nanny Maria Borrallo from time to time – including Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

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    Norland nanny and maternity nurse Louenna Hood, who trained at Norland College – the same place as Maria did, has revealed the secrets behind their success.

    ‘Their motto is ‘Love Never Faileth’ and I think that it just shows that this is your passion, this is what you want to do,’ she told the Evening Standard Insider.

    Louenna also gave her tips on these key areas…

    How to get children to sleep:

    She said, ‘Their night reflects their day, so for me, a full routine during the day is really important. If they’ve slept for too long during the day, that could be why they’re waking at night. I do think that what they eat is so important and if they eat well from a young age, they’ll generally sleep a lot better.’

    How to keep kids engaged with schoolwork

    ‘If you put a child up to a table and give them a load of textbooks, it’s just not going to capture their imagination. So for me, it’s making the learning fun. You always try to hone in on the child’s interest because every child has got a different interest. Whether it’s dinosaurs or tractors, if you use that within the lesson I think they’re going to learn so much more and it’ll be a lot easier for you.’

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    How to manage your child’s screen time

    ‘You can’t shield them from it. It’s the world that we live in and I also think that with anything, if you say to a child they can’t have it, they will want it no matter what. I give them opportunities of things that they would rather do, so I would always do some activities outside where they’d rather come and do that. Children want to be adventurous.’