‘Surprised they didn’t edit that out’ Royal fans spot ‘very odd’ moment between Prince William and Kate Middleton in new TV show

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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton featured in a new festive documentary alongside Mary Berry, but fans spotted an ‘odd’ moment between the couple.

    The Cambridge duo joined forces with baking legend Mary Berry in order to shine a spotlight in the charity work they do with the organisations they support.

    But one moment during the show caught the attention of some viewers, as they spotted what looks like Kate pushing William away.

    One wrote, ‘This #ABerryRoyalChristmas have obviously been edited as any doc would be and they decided to keep this very odd moment when Kate push away William hand on her I mean…..’

    Another added, ‘Surprised they didn’t edit that out somehow. hav to believe they could have right? Or pan to a difft angle? They had to kno that shot would cause chatter.’

    A third also commented, ‘Great show really lovely couple, did anyone see kate nudge wills hand of her shoulder near the end though ??? #ABerryRoyalChristmas’.

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    However, one fan revealed that Kate was actually moving in her seat, ‘She didn’t. You can see she was moving in her seat.’

    During the programme, Prince William also opened up about how he tries to teach his children about important issues like homelessness.

    He said, “On the school run – I know it sounds a little bit contrite – but on the school run already, bear in mind six and four, whenever we see someone who is sleeping rough on the street I talk about it and I point it out and I explain. And they are all very interested. They are like: ‘Why can’t they go home?’”

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