Schools being urged to make these changes to cope with heatwave - but it could prove a nightmare for families

Some councils are asking schools to reconsider changing opening hours and uniform throughout summer months

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Schools are being urged to make these changes to cope with heatwave - but it could prove a nightmare for families.

Forget snow days closing schools, heatwave days is the new thing that could be set to cause havoc among families if schools agree to make changes to opening hours and relax school uniform rules.

Local councils are looking at implementing a temporary measure in line with government guidelines which state, "If necessary, consider rearranging school start, finish, and play times to avoid teaching during very hot conditions."

And while it will be down to each school to decide whether it wants to follow them, it could mean schools start earlier and therefore finish slightly earlier in the day - but it's expected to cause havoc for families doing the school run or organising pick up for their kids.

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Hampshire County council is one of the local authorities that has urged its schools to consider the measures - and they've issued their own advice about school uniform being worn in warm weather.

And it's not just about whether to keep windows open or closed during hot weather.

It added, "The majority of classrooms do not have air conditioning.

"To be prepared for this scorching weather, the county council has issued guidance to schools on how best to cope with high temperatures.

"Our expectation is that schools and early years settings work in accordance with the national guidance on managing hot weather."

There are a variety of things that can be done to keep cool and safe in the hot weather from staying well hydrated and applying suncream to keeping in the shade when playing outdoors. Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe said, "I mean this would be a NIGHTMARE for working parents... but also I totally get it. Trying to get kids to engage at school is hard at the best of times let alone in 28 degree heat ESPECIALLY when they're not allowed to have blazers off **eye roll**"

Across the country temperatures have been soaring. The Met office has issued a yellow health alert for all regions in England and some schools were forced to close in parts of southeast England after taps run dry in heatwave.

And during a Jeremy Vine poll asking if schools should shut under heatwave conditions, one parent replied, "Closed for snow, closed for covid, closed for heatwave, honestly get a grip, schools should be open to teach, adjust the terms if necessary to start the summer hols earlier but don't close."

Another put, "Heatwave??? it’s JUNE!! =Summer. No. Schools do not need to close."

Meanwhile a third noted, "Normally we don’t get a heatwave until the school close for summer, I was in a school the other day and it was sweltering, time we adapted our buildings for this weather as we seen to get it every year now. Buses are a nightmare as well, new electric buses have tiny windows"

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