Sky customers could save £600 a year on their bills thanks to one simple piece of advice

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Sky customers have claimed that tweaking your subscription for the TV service could save you hundreds of pounds every year as the cost of living continues to rise.

With rising living costs, more Brits are looking for tools to save money (opens in new tab). Customers are noticing a major decrease in their expenses after ringing Sky to 'check' their contract and asking about reductions and specials available.

Changing to a cheaper energy plan is usually the best method to combat rising energy costs. However, several suppliers have increased their tariff charges as a result of the energy crisis (opens in new tab). As a result, there aren't many bargains to be had.

And, one savvy homeowner shared their experience on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, explaining, "Realised just out of contract with Sky, ring them up and reduce bills immediately from £62.50 a month to £46 inc Netflix, which in turn saves me a further £9.99 a month. Over 18 months that'll be nearly £600. Always worth checking contract dates."

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Others described having a similar experience after sharing the story, adding, "Rang sky to see if I could lower my bill. Like you out of contract and managed to reduce bill by just over £20 a month. Worth making the phone call."

While there are now 12 ways to save money on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus TV streaming services (opens in new tab), another pleased customer shared that by refusing to "accept their first offer," they were able to reduce their monthly bill from £74 to £40.

Another group member wrote,"Got £52.50 deal yesterday. Super fast broadband, HD, Netflix, line rental."

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Getting a great deal a fourth claimed, "Got mine to £56 down from £93. Always worth a call and be polite but pushy."

When paying for a subscription, it's usually tempting to opt for a monthly payment to spread the cost out over the year. However, paying annually is usually more cost-effective, especially if you know you won't want to cancel it during that time.

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