The most in-demand Jellycat toys revealed - and Prince George, Charlotte and Louis are huge fans

Peanut Jellycat and friends are going viral on TikTok and here's how to get your hands on them...

Jellycat toys main and drop in of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
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The most in-demand Jellycat toys have been revealed and Prince George, Charlotte and Louis are huge fans of Peanut Jellycat and friends.

When it comes to keeping up with all the best toys, the internet can be ahead of the game and now TikTok has made the plush toys trend and it's prompted Jellycat stockists Fenwick to find out its most in-demand characters.

From the sold out Peanut Jellycat to Jellycat Bashful Dino , Burger Jellycat and Bartholomew Bear Jellycat, families everywhere are searching where to buy the cuddly critters - with a 20k per cent increase in searches for Peanut Jellycat alone.

And data collected shows half of the most in-demand Jellycats are food related with wedding related Jellycats closely following with an increase of more than 1.3k percent.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are among the famous fans of the toy - as Kate Middleton previously revealed her kids have lots of these soft toys.

During a royal visit last year, Kate asked a little boy's name and said hello, before ruffling the cuddly toy rabbit he was clutching. "With a little bun-bun," she added. "I recognise those - our kiddies have got quite a few of those."

And the Princess, like many families, will no doubt want to know which ones are popular - after all Christmas start's in July right? Which is actually tomorrow.

And there's some on sale, so be quick to grab a bargain!

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Medium Size: Medium - was £33.44 now £30.98 |

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Medium Size: Medium - was £33.44 now £30.98 |

Suitable from birth, this medium-sized Bartholomew Bear is an adorable addition to any soft toy collection. Made from polyester, plastic pellets and plastic eyes, your kids will fall in love with this timeless keepsake.

Jellycat Bashful silver bunny

(Image credit: Stephanie Lowe)

The most in-demand Jellycat toys

  1. Peanut (search +20,150%) - RRP £29.99 currently out of stock | 
  2. Football   (+11,900%) - RRP £45 |
  3. Bean  (+2,500%) - was £15.99 now £12.79 currently out of stock| Temptation Gifts 
  4. Croissant  (+1,600%) - RRP was £32.99 now £29.75 |
  5. Frog  (+1,600%) - RRP £35.19 |
  6. Wedding Cake (+1,355%) - £50 |
  7. Nesting Bunnies (+1,300%) - RRP was £27.95 now £22.36 | Temptation Gifts
  8. Starfish (+1,257%) - out of stock online
  9. Burger (+1,157%) - RRP £30 |
  10. Bartholomew Bear (+1,000%) - RRP was £33.44 now £30.48 |

Jellycat Nesting Bunnies - Was £27.95 now £22.36 | Temptation Gifts

Jellycat Nesting Bunnies - Was £27.95 now £22.36 | Temptation Gifts

These Nesting bunnies from Jellycat will make kids and adults fall in love with the trio of trouble. These snuggly little bunnies love nothing more than to go on adventures and play all day and then snuggle up to their new best friend at night!

The bunnies come in three colours, a cream, brown and grey plush toy with velvety fur that is soft and strokable, with their flopsy ears pricked and little pink noses which make them so adorable! 

They come in a fleecy green nest that is warm and cosy, which means these tiny rabbits can drift off to sleep in comfort too.

With over 713k views on TikTok for the Peanut Jellycat soft toy is even out of stock online at Selfridges and Amazon, it’s no surprise it’s so hard for fans to get their hands on one!

The Football Jellycat follows closely behind with a 11,900% increase in searches over the last month. It seems football season has led to a growing demand for the squishy toy but that is in stock still at Selfridges.

Jellycat have inspired a new gift for wedding season, with 1,355% increase in searches for the Wedding Cake Jellycat and 650% increase for Diamond Ring Jellycat

Family Editor at, Stephanie Lowe who is mum to Ted, has a Jellybean toy in the family. She shared, "Ted has had his since he was born. He was five months old when they first met. It was my first weekend away from him, with my uni girls and they bought it for him. Ted sleeps with his every night."

Alternatively, if you're looking for the best outdoor toys visit

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