47 cheap outdoor toys for summer

Liven up your garden with some new outdoor toys this summer!
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  • We've searched the shops to find the best-priced outdoor toys, including swings, slides, paddling pools and lots more!

    Looking for a great selection of cheap outdoor toys that are also great quality and loads of fun to play with? Both parents and children can get stuck in and mess around outside this summer with our selection of the best garden toys available now.

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    When it’s sunny outside, there is nothing better than getting out in the sunshine. Kids need vitamin D to stay healthy but with recent research suggesting that they only spent five to seven minutes playing outside and over seven hours in front of the screen, chances are they aren’t getting enough of it. And while they’re still at school, they’re spending a lot of time inside. So when school’s out for the weekend or the holidays, they’ll probably be wanting to get outside – whether that’s in the garden or down at the local park.

    Getting kids outside isn’t always an easy task, but games like football and badminton always go down spectacularly and get them moving. So what could be better than a giant inflatable football for example? Bouncing it around with their friends or family members is bound to offer up plenty of laughs! While younger children and toddlers will undoubtedly love a walk-around in a toy car, a bounce on the trampoline or a cooling splash in a paddling pool.

    We’ve even got enough outdoor toys to get the most keen television-watcher outside, with make-your-own craft activities and enough circus tricks to attract a real audience.

    With our selection of 50 affordable and cheap outdoor toys, perfect for the warmer months, there’s not a chance that your children will get bored. Have a scroll through our extensive selection and you’ll soon find getting them in the house harder than getting them out of it!

    For younger children, take a look at our round up of the best toys for a 1 year old. We also have sugestions for the best wooden toys, as well as education toys for all ages, and sensory toys for babies and toddlers.

    Here are the top garden toys to be playing with this summer…