Warning over dangerous air fryer hack goes viral

Air fryer users have been warned against copying this dangerous cleaning hack for their appliance.

Air fryer with soap suds being cleaned
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A mum is warning people about a dangerous air fryer cleaning hack that can damage your appliance in seconds and it's gone viral.

Millions of families have purchased an air fryer to help lower their energy usage amid the cost of living (opens in new tab) crisis as air fryers cost (opens in new tab) between 13p and 34p to run per day, which works out as between £49.56 and £124.08 per year.

But when it comes to knowing how to clean an air fryer (opens in new tab), there is one viral cleaning hack that must not be used.

The hack, originally posted by Aaliyah Alexus, shows her pouring hot soap and water into her air fryer, before turning it on for three minutes and throwing away the dirty water.

But one mum, Cathy, has taken to TikTok to warn users about the dangers of doing this cleaning hack and it has gone viral too.

She warned, ''Here's why you shouldn't - air fryers circulate hot air, which means if you fill this with water, you risk it getting into the circuirtry.

''Plus, it can overheat because it's literally trying to cook water,'' she explained.

Instead, the mum claimed it's best to wash it like you would with any other regular dish.

''Sink- dishwasher but only the basket not the whole unit,'' Cathy noted.

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And air fryer fans have praised the warning post after thousands had seen the original hack. 

''I’m happy I didn’t try that!'' said one air fryer user.

Another said, "'My friend tried it and his broke. ALWAYS WASH IT IN THE SINK.''

And another user suggested, "I heat up my air fryer so that all the grease melts and then I can easily clean it with a sponge 🥰"

But another user added, "Why didn't you post this early? i did it 5 times now🥺" to which Cathy replied, "😂 I just found out"

And another user who tried the dangerous method, warned, "Turn yours and look under it. I did this and it got crazy rusted had to throw it out."

The best way of keeping on top of the air fryer when it comes to cleaning is to clean it after every use and doing a deep clean every four to five uses to prevent build up of grease and germs.