What has Joe Wicks done to his hand as his wife Rosie hosts his PE live lesson?

Viewers will notice a change in today's live stream.
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  • Keen fans of Joe Wicks’ exercise classes on YouTube will have noticed this morning that his “assistant teacher”, wife Rosie Wicks, joined him. You’ll also notice that Joe’s arm was in a sling, so what has Joe Wicks done to his hand?

    Joe Wicks, AKA The Body Coach who shot to fame with his funny videos and tasty Lean In 15 recipes, was put out of action today after an incident in March left him with a fractured hand. Up until now he has continued the live streams, doing push ups and burpees “with one hand” to try and avoid injuring his hand further. And now it looks like the rest of Joe Wicks’ family are getting involved!

    Since the the lockdown began, personal trainer and influencer Joe Wicks has been keeping kids active in their living rooms by hosting workouts every morning live on YouTube. Having dubbed himself “the nation’s P.E teacher” Joe is aiming to fill the exercise gap left as kids are off school for the foreseeable future.

    Along with making sure families are keeping active, Joe is also raising money for NHS Charities Together through his videos. As of this morning [May 4] he has raised over £200,000.

    Joe Wicks said at the beginning of his live stream this morning, “On Friday, I went to the hospital after that P.E session where I was King Arthur. I spent the weekend in hospital, I was on morphine, they were taking care of me and on Saturday night, I text my wife. I said, ‘Rosie I really don’t think I’m going to take part in this workout.’ She said, ‘Don’t worry husband, darling, I’ll be there for you.’ True to her word, in sickness and in health my wife is going to be here today demonstrating all the exercises.”

    What has Joe Wicks done to his hand?

    In March, Joe fell off his bike and fractured his hand. He has been seen for some weeks wearing a cast around his hand as he continued to take the P.E sessions. However on Friday after the live stream where he was dressed as King Arthur as part of the “Dress Up Fridays”, he updated his fans on Instagram stories from hospital saying, “The wires have been taken out, it was infected. I’m staying in tonight to have antibiotics and a bit more paracetamol and then I’ll be home tomorrow morning, back to my family.

    “So see you Monday morning, P.E with Joe.”

    He later added that his hand had been “throbbing and pulsating like liquid hot magma” but he was “super grateful” for the NHS who were giving him the help he needed, a sentiment expressed again during the live stream this morning.

    Who is Joe Wicks’ wife, Rosie Wicks?

    Although Joe still attended the P.E class this morning, it was his wife Rosie who demonstrated the exercises. The couple appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning before the live stream, where Rosie admitted  that she was “nervous” about taking on the exercises with Joe. And it’s understandable, as over 200,000 people joined the live stream this morning within the first minute!

    Rosie, an ex-model, and Joe got married in 2018 after announcing their engagement in November the previous year. The couple have been together at least since 2016, when Joe appeared on the Loose Women panel and spoke about their life together.

    Joe and Rosie have two children with the youngest being only four months old. The two tots have frequently appeared in the YouTube videos with their Dad. On Friday, it was their little girl, Indie who was dressed at the dragon and waded into the shot towards her Dad.

    Afterwards, Joe asked his wife how she was feeling about the session. Rosie replied, “It’s so true when you say that you never ever regret it, even if it’s so hard when you’re doing it you’re always so glad you did it.”

    Great job Rosie!