Would YOUR child let a stranger into your home?

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  • Remember Joey Salads, the YouTuber who conducted a video experiment about whether kids would wander off with strangers in a park if they had a puppy? Well, he’s done it again – and this example is even scarier than the last.

    In Joey’s new video, he approaches houses where he knows children are home to see if they will let him inside – and the results are astounding.

    ‘Before filming this video, I contacted the parents for permission, I told them to set up a camera, and made sure they were nowhere near the door during the time of this experiment,’ he explains.

    In the video, he approaches the first house, and asks the child who answers the door, ‘Is your mom home?’

    ‘Yeah, she’s inside,’ the boy responds.

    ‘I’m your mom’s friend, is it okay if I just come in and wait for her?’ Joey continues.

    ‘Yeah,’ the kid says – and with that, he’s in house number one with no questions asked.

    At the second house, another boy answers the door.

    ‘Hey, what’s up, is mommy home?’ Joey enquires.

    This time, mom is in the shower – but as soon as Joey says he is a friend and asks if he can wait for her, the child stands aside and lets him in.

    In this house, Joey actually calls the mom downstairs to talk to her son.

    ‘So, your son just let me, a complete stranger, in the house,’ Joey tells her.

    The woman sits down on the stairs and looks straight at her boy, and asks him ‘why did you do that? What do we say about strangers?’

    ‘Not to let them in,’ the bemused kid replies.

    ‘Right, so why did you let him in?’

    ‘Because he said he was your friend,’ the boy explains.

    ‘But how do you know he’s my friend? What if he’s not? What if he’s a crazy person?’ she presses. ‘You can’t trust anybody, you hear me?’

    The third door is opened by a girl, and again Joey uses his ‘is mommy and daddy home’ line.

    ‘They’re in the back,’ she tells him.

    ‘Is it okay if I come in and wait for them? he asks, and with a nod, child number three also allows access to a stranger – this time without him even saying he’s a friend of her parents!

    He then tries the same house again, to test the girl’s younger sister, who appears a little more cautious, only opening the door a fraction and asking a very direct ‘who are you?’.

    However, as soon as Joey says ‘I’m friends with your mommy and daddy, is it okay if I come in?’ the door is quickly opened for him once more.

    This mom has words with her daughters too – ‘how many times do I tell you guys not to answer the door?’ she says.

    ‘All the time’ the older girl responds.

    ‘A lot,’ the mom confirms. ‘And you still answer the door AND you let him in the house! Where were you going to bring him? Do you know who he is? So why would you let him in your home? You shouldn’t even answer the door, you shouldn’t even open it. If you look and it’s a stranger, even if we’re in the backyard, you have to come out and get us.’

    ‘It’s okay, you’re not in trouble, I just wanted to test you and see if you would do it. And you did.’

    ‘So what are you going to do the next time the doorbell rings, and you look and you don’t know the person?’ she asks her daughters.

    ‘Come get you,’ the eldest girl replies.

    ‘Come get me wherever I am. Don’t ever let anybody in the house,’ mom reiterates.

    Watch Joey’s experiment in full

    ‘As you can see, it’s easier than you think,’ Joey says at the end of the video. ‘Be sure to give your kids a nice talk about this video, and be safe.’

    Do you think your kids would answer the door to a stranger? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on Joey’s experiment!

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