Katie Price admits to letting her kids 'wee and poo' in the garden

The Loose Women star agrees that she's something of a 'feral mum'

Katie Price has admitted that she lets her children 'wee and poo in the garden'.

On Friday's Loose Women, Katie revealed that she was in the process of potty-training her two youngest children, Jett and Bunny.

'It's like having twins, because one's two and one's three,' she said to co-hosts Andrea McLean, Linda Robson and Kaye Adams during a segment about nappy-less potty training. 'I'm quite open with my kids, they go out in the garden and everything so they do actually go outside and wee – and poo...'.

An incredulous Kaye Adams had to clarify: 'Do you mean they go in the garden? Or they go in the garden?!'

'Oh yeah,' continued the former glamour model. 'They think it's funny to watch each other have a poo!'

But rather than judge Katie's unorthodox parenting style, the studio audience and fellow panellists laughed through the confession, and the joke continued throughout a later segment about baby-proofing your home, where Katie was accused of being a 'feral' parent by Andrea McLean.

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She responded: 'Now you could say that I'm feral. I live on a farm, so my kids will go out with one boot on, or in their pants. When you have five children, you learn that even when you tell them not to touch something in the house they'll still go and touch it anyway.'

The toilet admission came during a discussion about the growing trend of having your newborn babies go nappy free, after growing number of mums have insisted it makes potty-training easier, and reduces nappy-rash and the 'ecological footprint' of each child.

A mostly bemused proportion of viewers took to Facebook to express their opinions about the trend, many scoffing at the idea that a parent should have the time to dedicate to learning their babies facial expressions and 'wriggling habits' when they need the toilet.

'She's obviously a 'stay at home mum' because who in the real world has time to sit and watch their baby for hours waiting for the start of a strain for a poop...as much as I adore my kids I don't want to watch their facial expressions indicate their toilet habits...get a life,' wrote one mum.

'This is just so impractical, how can you go out and enjoy life with your baby when you are constantly waiting to see if it does a wee or poo?also what she saves on nappies she must lose on the extra washing powder and electricity lol. potty training is hard enough without the extra hassle of doing it from birth,' wrote another.

What do you think? Would you give nappy-free potty training a try? Let us know in the comments!


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