The ‘I’m bored’ checklist of fun FREE things for kids to do!

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  • Fed up to the back teeth of hearing your little ones whine ‘I’m booooored’? You’re not alone!

    It’s hard to believe that term time can be so jam-packed with a million things in the after school diary that we hardly get a moment to breathe, and yet as soon as the school holidays start the kids are moping around saying they don’t have anything to do. Which, if your house is anything like ours, can only lead to mischief (read: rioting).

    It can be tricky to think up fun and interesting ways to keep them happy and busy, especially without feeling the need to either plonk them in from of the TV or throw money at the situation.

    That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun and totally free things for the kids to do to save money, their boredom, and your sanity. We’ve even found a genius way to store all the ideas so as soon as you get a whiff of mischief, the kids can quickly find something to keep them occupied.

    From photo competitions and hopscotch to time capsules and pillow fights, these ideas are guaranteed to get them away from the TV and enjoying their break from school. What’s more, you may even find a spare moment to enjoy a cup of tea and that book you’ve been meaning to read. Imagine!

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    Make your own ‘I’m bored’ jar’

    Want to hear a really clever way to make the checklist even better? Why not cut out each idea, and then pop into an ‘I’m bored’ jar.

    That way, every time you hear your precious offspring utter those two immortal words, you can direct them to the jar to find something to do, quick sharp.

    We’d love to know if you have any fun (free!) activities for your kids that we might have missed. Let us know in the comments below.