15 ways to throw a beautiful wedding on a strict wedding budget

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  • Did you know the average wedding in the UK costs around £27k? We have rounded up the 15 little ways you can keep your wedding budget under control.

    Weddings can be as stressful as they are fun to plan. Having to organise everything from the venue, to the guest-list, to what dress you’re going to wear and what entertainment you’d like to opt for… and how you’re even going to pay for it all!? It can feel very overwhelming, especially if you’re on a tight wedding budget and want to sensible about your spending.

    Did you know the average wedding in the UK costs around £27,161? For most of us, that’s just unaffordable without getting into some serious debt.

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    It really sucks, doesn’t it? Waiting for so long to be able to plan a day that you’ll hold close to your heart forever, only to be hit by the stress of budget limitations and what seems like an endless to-do-list.

    Also, it’s not just the happy couple who end up splashing out! It can cost an average of £470 for guests to be able to attend a wedding, according to research by American Express. So not only can we be putting ourselves under financial strain, but also our loved ones that we want right there with us on the important day.

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    We do have good news, however, in that there are so many ways you can still have a wonderful day on a strict wedding budget, meaning less stress for everybody involved – woo!

    From dress shopping tips, to entertainment ideas and honeymoon hacks, read up on these clever money-saving wedding planning tips and you’ll be absolutely flying on the wedding planning front, minus the high stress levels and risk of impending insufficient funds.

    Here at GoodtoKnow, we have collated a list of our 15 favourite money saving tips, and we reckon if you follow them we can shave thousands of pounds from your total, whilst still making sure you have the most beautiful of wedding days!