5 ways to challenge unfair parking tickets

If you're given a parking ticket there are ways to challenge it, especially if you feel that it was given unfairly or mistakenly.

There are more than 70 reasons why you could be given a parking ticket - from parking on a yellow line to not displaying a valid ticket in a pay and display area.

But you can challenge a ticket if you feel that it was given unfairly or mistakenly.

Private or public

Where is the ticket from? A notice from the council, Transport for London or a police Fixed Penalty Notice is official - don't ignore it. If you've picked up a ticket on private land, for example in a supermarket, then they're not enforceable.

Get evidence

If you've got a smartphone with a camera take pictures to use to challenge the ticket. There might be unclear or absent signs. If there is anyone around ask them if they would mind being your witness and take their details down.

Can you appeal?

You may be able to appeal the ticket if you were fined within 3 minutes of paid parking expiring, or if the penalty was too harsh. Rules vary, so once you've worked out who issued the ticket check their website for guidelines on how to challenge your ticket. Do this as soon as possible.


You can't appeal a fine if you've paid it but you'll usually get a 50% discount on the charge if you pay it within 14 days. Although you may be given a further two weeks to make the payment after the appeal is turned down, this isn't a given. You need to decide if you'd mind paying the full charge if you are unsuccessful.

Keep track

Stick to deadline or you'll lose out by default. Don't worry if it takes a long time as the process is usually subject to a delay.

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