Aldi is selling anti-allergy pillows and duvets to help hay fever sufferers sleep well this summer


Aldi is selling anti-allergy pillows and duvets to help hay fever sufferers sleep well this summer.

Spring has finally sprung and those who are prone to pollen allergies will soon be enduring hay fever symptoms once again.

If plants, trees and grass leave you sniffling, sneezing, feeling tight chested and with watering eyes, the warmer months can feel like having one long cold.

Covid symptoms can also easily be mistaken for allergies, so make sure you know the difference between coronavirus and hay fever this summer.

Now, Aldi has started stocking what could be the ultimate nighttime saviour for those who start sneezing when the pollen count climbs. If you've tried plenty of other natural hay fever remedies, this might be a good shout.

Aldi anti-allergy pillow

Credit: Aldi

The bargain supermarket giant has launched anti-allergy pillows, duvets and pillowcases to help you get a peaceful night's sleep in spite of that pesky pollen and other allergens that irritate your nose and eyes.

A pair of the Anti-Allergy Pillowcase will set you back just £3.99 and come in blue, grey, teal or white.

'Made from a soft, smooth and cosy blend of polyester and cotton for a comfy nights sleep. Ease into a deserved rest and keep your allergies at bay,' the description on the Aldi website reads.

Meanwhile the Kirkston House Anti-Allergy Pillows promise to provide a better night's sleep thanks to its anti-allergy treated polyester fibre, helping to prevent against dust mites and bacteria.

Aldi anti-allergy pillow cases

Credit: Aldi

They're machine washable too and priced at just £6.99 for two.

If you want to deck your entire bed out with Aldi's anti-allergy power, there's the Anti-Allergy Embossed Double Duvet.

Aldi anti-allergy duvet

Credit: Aldi

'Don't compromise on quality! This Anti-Allergy Embossed Double Duvet combines all the warmth of a 10.5 tog duvet, with anti-allergy protection against dust mites, bacteria and allergens. Perfect for ensuring a smooth and comfortable night's sleep,' the product description reads.

The pillow and duvet are in high demand and sold out online already! Luckily, you can still snap them up in store, so head straight to the middle aisle during your next Aldi shop if you want to get your hands on them.

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