Aldi launches Britain’s cheapest school uniform with prices starting at just £1

Aldi school uniform
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Aldi has launched a seriously affordable school uniform range, with pieces priced as low as £1 each.

The budget retailer revealed the launch of the super save uniform bundle, will be available in stores next month, giving parents a chance to save a few pennies on one of the best school uniform 2021 (opens in new tab) sets, as shoppers can scoop up everything needed when buying a school uniform (opens in new tab) for just as low as £1.

The beloved bargain supermarket chain said in a statement that the discounted bundle was being rolled in early to help parents get ahead of the new school year (opens in new tab).

Save on Back to School essentials
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Bringing in the hot deals, Aldi confirmed in a statement, “We’ve announced the launch of our Back to School range earlier in the summer to reassure parents that they can get their little ones kitted out for the school year early, and leave them to enjoy the rest of the summer holidays which many missed last year.”

The amazing school event promises great value and fantastic quality on all of your back-to-school essentials.

To get your little ones kitted out for the new year each bundle will have a sweatshirt, costing £1, a pair of trousers or a skirt for £1.75 and a two-pack of polo shirts that costs £1.75.

Brilliant back to school bundle
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The back to school event is said to be the cheapest school uniform bundle in the UK, which means shoppers will be able to pick it up as part of their weekly shopping trip, and it's no secret that school uniform can be costly with children growing all the time.

Aldi announced that the collection was designed in partnership with Aldi's Cotton Made in Africa campaign, which ensures that the school kits are made from high-quality, sustainably sourced cotton.

And with such low prices, the collection is likely to sell out quickly, so if you're eyeing up the great deal be sure to get online next month.