Best school uniform deals for 2020

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  • From the best prices to the best quality, we take a look at the top retailers on the high street and find out who's scoring top marks when it comes to providing school uniforms for kids.

    With all children due to return to school in September following months of lockdown, many savvy parents will already be planning a new uniform to replace those battered trousers, once-white shirts, lost jumpers and cardigans from last year.

    Recently the government also reopened their applications for help with the cost of school uniform for the coming year, with applications closing on September 30.

    So with that in mind, we take a look at the best ranges on the high street and reveal who comes top of the class when it comes to price, quality and variety. Worried about how you’ll manage to store any more clothes? Make sure you read our advice on kids closet organization.

    Best school uniform for 2020:

    Lidl school uniform

    Lidl school uniform

    Credit: Lidl

    Returning to the uniform market with another unbeatable deal this year is Lidl, who have re-launched their complete school outfit bundle deal for just £4.50. Yes, the whole thing, for just £4.50, making Lidl the absolute winner when it comes to low-priced uniform on the high street. The deal is launching later than it did last year, so you haven’t missed out on some of the amazing deals. The bundle will be available from August 6 this year.

    The £4.50 uniform includes a two pack of polo shirts, one sweatshirt and either a pair of trousers, shorts, or a skirt.

    However of course, you can also pick up the uniform items separately – which are all available for children ages 4 -12. Prices are slightly increased this year from last year, but still start from just £1,  so it’s still one of the most affordable places around to get what your children need.

    What we love: Many items in the collection, such as the polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans, are 100% cotton so gentle on delicate skin. Lots of the pieces like the shirts and sweatshirts are also made using easy care fabric, meaning they’re simple to clean, and friendly for the environment too. Items like the trousers, shorts, skirts and pinafore are also made using water-repellent technology, so the clothing won’t be soaked if your little ones get caught in the rain or any spillages occur.

    Lidl’s uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 2 pack £1.75
    Shirts – 2 pack £2.49
    Trousers – £1.75
    Shorts – £1.75
    Sweatshirt- £1
    Cardigans – £3.49
    Skirts – £1.75
    Pinafores – £2.99
    Leather school shoes – £6.99

    Aldi school uniform

    school uniform

    Credit: Aldi

    This year, the brilliant German supermarket chain Aldi has launched the exact same deal as Lidl – offering a school uniform bundle,  with two polo shirts, one school jumper and either a pair or trousers or a pleated skirt, for again, just £4.50 – after launching the bundle successfully last year. The range covers all children aged 3 to 11.

    The range is available in store from August 13 and online on August 9. You can buy their range in store now while stocks las – unfortunately, the online offering has been so popular that it’s completely sold out!

    You really can’t get more affordable than Aldi, and their sister brand Lidl, and the uniforms offer a good quality for the price.

    What we love: Aldi also supplies PE kits, school shoes and back to school accessories, so parents can get their entire school kits sorted in one shop. All of their items also come with that clever water-repellent shield, are tumble dryer safe, and easy iron, meaning you don’t have to spend hours helping your sprogs looking picture-perfect.

    Aldi’s uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 2 pack £1.75
    Trousers – from £1.75
    Sweatshirts – £1
    Pleated skirt – £1.75
    Pinafores – 2 pack £6.99
    Ankle socks – 5 pack for £1.99

    Tesco uniform

    school uniform

    Credit: Tesco

    Also pretty tough to beat on price is F&F at Tesco, which offers a nice variety of school uniform – and handily – a 100 day guarantee on most of their items, meaning that if your little’un wears down their uniform, you can return it for an exchange! Perfect for the more rambunctious kids out there…

    Tesco’s polos and t-shirts, and pinafores, come with a Teflon TM stain repellent, meaning their uniform is protected from any of the stains – grass, food, mud – that come with school life. Their skirts and trousers come with an adjustable waist, so you don’t need to necessarily update their items with each passing school year as they grow either.

    What we love: Tesco’s prices truly are hard to beat. With prices starting from as low as £2, and going up to only £10 for a 2-pack of pinafore dresses, they’re perfect for those of us on a budget. But that doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there – their uniforms are durable and hardy too.

    What Tesco’s uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 2 pack from £2.50
    Shirts – 2 pack from £3.50
    Trousers – girls 2 pack woven fob trousers from £6
    Jumpers – 2 pack v-neck jumpers from £6
    Cardigans – 2 pack from £8
    Skirts – skater skirts from £6, kilt skirts from £8
    Pinafores – 2 pack £10

    Sainsbury’s uniform

    Credit: Sainsbury’s

    Sainsbury’s offer a great variety of school clothes for very reasonable prices. While they’re not the cheapest, they do offer a good quality, so if you’re looking to spend a bit more – but not too much more – they may be the one for you.

    There’s a huge selection of colours – the jumpers comes in nine colours alone! All pleats are permanent, which means no ironing (love), and colours are wash-resistant, meaning they’ll stay brighter for longer and shoes are scuff resistant. Sainsbury’s use Teflon for a super strong stain-repellent finish.

    But one of the biggest perks of their uniform is the fact that they offer reinforced knees on their trousers, meaning the material won’t be worn down after any falls, or through adventurous playing!

    If you’re shopping for young kids and older ones, this could be the right place to go as well. They offer uniforms from the beginning of primary school to all throughout secondary school, so you can get them all in one go.

    What we love: Unlike other retailers, Sainsbury’s offer a range of fits for their clothes too. For example, their shirts come in ‘regular’, ‘slim’, and ‘plus’, while you can get their skirts in ‘regular’, ‘plus’, and ‘longer’. It’s ideal for a growing kid.

    Sainsbury’s uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 3 pack from £3.50
    Shirts – 3 pack from £4
    Trousers – 2 pack from £6
    Jumpers – 2 pack from £4
    Cardigans – 2 pack from £6
    Skirts – 2 pack from £6
    Pinafores – 2 pack from £9

    Buy Sainsbury’s school uniform here

    Marks & Spencer school uniform

    Credit: Marks & Spencer

    Moving up a notch on the high street is Marks & Spencer. The store’s school uniform offering comes with lots of clever technology, to help make sure that the items need minimal care from parents.

    M&S include grow-proof cuffs and hems in the range so parents can unpick, for an extra 3cms as kids grow. Supercrease™ technology in the trousers means crease lines stay in wash after wash and blazers are ink resistant so leaky pens won’t ruin shirts. Their expert StayNew Technology also helps keep the uniform looking as good as new – ensuring no bobbles, no bagging clothing after a few months, and keeps the colour as good as it was when you bought it.

    They’ve also made sure their uniform is non iron – the tech is heat activated, so just make sure to tumble dry after washing for crease-less clothes in a flash. Plus, their shoes are scuff-resistant, so whatever the little tikes get up to they’ll look polished.

    Of all the options, Marks & Spencer are that little bit more expensive – but we reckon it’s worth it for the quality.

    What we love: M&S uniforms are made well with high-quality fabrics. But best of all, they’re also eco-friendly, so you can feel good about purchasing from the retailer. All of their items are made from responsibly sourced cotton, meaning their clothes will reduce environmental impact and will help improve conditions for farmers who source the material.

    What an M&S uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 3 pack from £7
    Shirts – 2 pack from £9
    Trousers – from £11
    Jumpers – from £8
    Cardigans – from £9
    Skirts – from £9
    Pinafores – from £10

    Buy Marks & Spencer school uniform

    GTK favourite 2020: Morrisons school uniform

    Credit: Morrisons

    With a huge selection of uniform on offer in a wide range of colours and age ranges, Morrisons takes the prize of GTK’s favourite school uniform for 2020. They offer parents great multi-packs, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting your money’s worth – as well as an assortment of handy tech features to keep your kids looking smart. 

    Morrisons’ Nutmeg range for kids is still very well-priced, but slightly more expensive than the likes of Aldi and Lidl. They also have a really huge range of stock available, meaning you’re bound to find something you like.

    The range is available for ages 3-13 and all colour items have colour stays technology – meaning the colour will maintain for up to a minimum 50 washes, which is almost an entire school year! The skirts and trousers also come with an adjustable waist and hem, meaning they’ll fit as your kids grow, and reinforced knees, for any falls or grazes. Many bits are also stain-repellent and have Teflon EcoElite tech, with a renewably sourced finish.

    Shirts are easy iron, so there’s minimal fuss there, and we reckon kids will love the soft feel of the jumpers and sweatshirts. GoodtoKnow tested them ourselves, and agreed that they were uber-snuggly…

    What we love: As well as the fantastic prices on offer from Morrisons this year, the supermarket chain are offering most of their school uniform in multi-packs, which is great for kids who love a run around in the playground as you can always be sure there’s a pair top or bottom for the next school day.

    What Morrisons’ uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 2 pack from £2.50
    Shirts – 2 pack from £3
    Jumper – 2 pack from £6
    Cardigans – 2 pack from £7
    Skirts – 2 pack from £7
    Pinafores – £3 each

    Buy Morrisons school uniform

    John Lewis school uniform

    Credit: John Lewis

    At the top end of the high street is John Lewis. The prices at John Lewis are higher, but the uniform quality is great – they’re a known and trusted brand among many parents.

    The great design, fabric protection and clever finishing touches – including reinforced stitching along the seams, as well as reinforced knees in trousers, mean each item is designed to last and stay in shape.

    John Lewis’s uniforms are 100% cotton, so kind on sensitive skin. All trousers, shorts and skirts have adjustable waists to cope with growth spurts and add comfort for active kids. Shirts are easy iron and John Lewis uses plant-based and renewably sourced, Teflon® EcoElite protection, so stains and spills can be cleaned up quickly and easily, and fabrics retain their colour and quality.

    Customers have also written how John Lewis uniforms are thick and durable, meaning they last for years and years. One happy shopper said of the boys trousers: ‘I have been buying these trouser for 6 years now for both of my sons. The quality has remained the same over these years. The trousers are long lasting, fit perfectly and have never even needed repairing!’

    What we love: If you want a one-stop shop for all your school uniform needs, John Lewis is the place. As well as uniform, the store also offers a children’s shoe fitting service, as well as an autism-friendly shoe-fitting service. Staff in selected shops have been trained by the National Autistic Society, to ‘measure your child’s feet in a comfortable environment, tailored to their needs’.

    John Lewis also uniforms for many specific schools from across the country, as well as selling those handy extras such as name labels, aprons for cookery class, and even Scouts and Brownies outfits!

    A uniform at John Lewis will cost you…
    Polo shirts – 3 pack from £7
    Shirts – 2 pack from £8
    Trousers – from £9
    Jumpers – from £8
    Sweatshirts – from £6
    Cardigans – 2 pack from £13
    Skirts – from £9
    Pinafores – from £10

    Buy John Lewis school uniform

    New Look school uniform

    New Look is a high-street staple store, so it’s easy to shop in person and online. While they offer a huge selection on women’s and girls’ clothes, a little known fact is that New Look also sells Girls’ school uniforms.

    They fewer multi-pack offers and their items are more expensive than some of the others on our list, however, they offer quality that you can rely on and a stylish fit that no child will complain about.

    As well as basic essentials like polo shirts, trousers, pinafores and skirts, New Look also pride themselves on offering a good range of other essential Back to School items like backpacks, water bottles and lunch boxes so your child can go off to school already feeling fabulous.

    At the moment, New Look are also offering a great sale – 25 per cent off if you spend over £50 online.

    What we love: Simple and stylish, New Look school uniforms are an easy go-to whether you’re looking to stock up for the school year or just grab a few essential items. The store prides themselves on being fashionable, so you’ll find school uniform essentials geared towards looking great as well as being practical and suitable for school. They also offer more variations on classic shirts, such as puffed sleeves.

    A uniform from New Look will cost you…
    Shirts – 2 pack from £9.99
    Trousers – from £8.99 each
    Jumpers – from £7.99 each
    Cardigans – from £8.99
    Skirts – from £5.99 each
    Pinafores – from £12.99 each

    Buy New Look school uniform

    Asda uniform

    Credit: Asda

    George at Asda offers an amazing variety, with all sorts of items to choose from. When it comes to girls shirts for example, you can decide from 17 different options, including long sleeved and short sleeved ones, and colours including white and blue. So there will certainly be something for your little ones to choose from!

    Asda’s uniform also has some glowing reviews online, meaning you’ve got real insight on how durable the clothing is from parents who have actually used it. Of the senior girls straight leg trousers, many reviews have shared how well they fit their young ones, and how great quality they are for the price.

    One wrote: ‘Great quality and fit great value for money and by and hard wearing’, while another said: ‘My daughter had these for school. Great quality and true fit. Well worth the money.’

    They also offer a wide colour selection to choose from, with the standard grey and black as well as a more unusual brown, burgundy and green.

    Asda also have some great technologies in their products to make life just that little bit easier. Their polo shirts have ‘Stay White’ technology to keep your whites looking gleaming, while the shirts are easy iron. Their trousers are also tapered with adjustable waists for an improved fit, and a Teflon® finish to keep stains at bay. Asda’s girls skirts and pinafores have an anti-pill finish too, so they’ll look smart for longer.

    Their school footwear is also scuff resistant, and made with Micro-Fresh® technology to prevent odours developing

    What we love: George offers a 100-day ‘satisfaction guarantee’, so if parents aren’t happy with the clothing, it can be returned within 100 days (with proof of purchase) for an exchange or a refund. A brilliant promise for parents with unruly kids!

    A uniform from George at Asda will cost you…
    Polos – from £2.50
    Shirts – 2 pack from £3
    Trousers – £5-8
    Jumpers – from £4
    Cardigans – from £4
    Skirts – from £5
    Pinafores – from £5

    Buy Asda school uniform

    Matalan school uniform

    Credit: Matalan

    Matalan’s school uniform range is the perfect mix of affordable and great quality, with prices starting at just £2.50. They’ve got a huge range on offer, with lots of technical benefits for customers to enjoy. They tick all the boxes, with easy iron shirts, and 100% cotton unisex polo shirts, a much more breathable material for kids. Like many other retailers, they’ve also given their clothes adjustable waists, and most are also made with Teflon, stain resistant coating, to repel water and stains.

    What we love: The range of choice available at Matalan is excellent, with colours and styles to cover most uniform bases.

    A Matalan uniform will cost you…
    Polo shirts – £3 – £6
    Shirts – 5 pack from £10 – £17.50
    Trousers – from £5 – £9
    Jumpers – from £3
    Cardigans – from £4
    Skirts – from £4
    Pinafores – from £8

    Buy Matalan school uniform

    Next school uniform

    school uniform

    Credit: Next

    Also at the higher end of the high street, Next boasts a great choice of colours and styles, so kids are able to pick out what they like in stores or online.

    There’s a stain-beating Teflon section and Next is one of the few retailers to also stock other brands, so parents can buy Clarks shoes, Nike sports gear and Adidas coats through the site. They can also pick up swimming goggles, for those all important lessons! In terms of variety, it is hard to beat. Like a couple of the other retailers, Next also offer other bits for school, such as stationary, backpacks, and water bottles, but from children’s favourite brands such as Smiggle, it’s an easy one-stop shop.

    Online, Next also offer up a handy uniform builder service, allowing you to easy choose from all the bits on the website in easy-to-see categories. You’ll pick trousers and shorts, shirts and polos, shoes, knitwear and jumpers, coats and jackets, sports and swimwear, dresses and playsuits, and skirts and formal shorts – ensuring you don’t miss a thing you might need.

    What we love: The variety of styles and colours on offer. You can get a zip-up pinafore, a button-up pinafore, a pleated pinafore and a jersey pinafore – to name but a few! Their jumpers also come in seven different colours too, as just one example. Perfect for fussy children!

    A Next school uniform will cost you…
    Polos – 5 pack from £15
    Shirts – 5 pack from £20
    Trousers – from £8
    Jumpers – from £8
    Cardigans – from £7
    Skirts – 2 pack from £12
    Pinafores – from £8

    Buy Next school uniform

    School’s back in September – time to hurry to the shops!

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