Aldi is selling this amazing time-saving kitchen gadget for less than £10!

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Aldi is selling an incredible time-saving kitchen gadget for less than a tenner right now and shoppers are seriously impressed.

The Ambiano Mini Food Chopper is a must-have item, making dinner time easier thanks to its ability to slice up all your essential ingredients. The best buy gadget is part of Aldi's Special Buys range and at £9.99 is a great bargain!

The mini food chopper features include two stainless steel blades for 'precise, fine chopping and mincing' the chopper has sadly sold out online but is still available in stores while stocks last!

Ambiano Mini Food Chopper

£9.99 at Aldi

Impressed shoppers praised the mini chopper on Aldi reviews with one commenting 'I purchased the Ambiano mini chopper for chopping and cutting small portions of fruit and veg for myself as I am on a diet, I am so pleased I did I now use it daily and do not know how I ever managed without one.'  

Some mini chopper fans have shown how they've used it to create a wide range of meals, with one penning, 'I use it for nuts and reducing cauliflower to rice. I haven't tried it for turning cauliflower into cauli mash, but I'm sure it will be easy.'

The gadget is easy to use and can be washed in the dishwasher, plus it comes with a three-year warranty.

The mini chopper is great for both savoury meal prep and for whipping up delicious desserts, with several mums noting how baking with their kids has gotten so much easier since using it.  

The budget supermarket chain is also stocking a sleek slow cooker for just £27.99.

'Simply add your ingredients and let this Stainless Steel Digital Slow Cooker do the rest,' the product description for the handy device reads.

Stainless Steel Digital Slow Cooker

Aldi slow cooker

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View at Aldi for £27.99

The best slow cookers are wildly versatile with countless recipes out there for easy, warming meals with minimal effort.

Whether you fancy a comforting casserole or tender pulled pork for dinner, a hearty soup for lunch or a creamy bowl of porridge for breakfast - simply chuck the ingredients in hours before and your slow cooker creations will be ready when you want to tuck in!

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