Aldi is selling Nintendo Switch Lites for a record low price

Aldi Nintendo Switch Lite
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Aldi is selling Nintendo Switch Lites for a record low price right now.

The bargain supermarket has launched a package of four Nintendo Switch Lites for £ 194.99 each, giving shoppers what is likely to be the lowest price out there for the sell-out game consoles.

The Nintendo Switch was recorded as one of the best-selling consoles in 2020 and its popularity has continued to grow in 2021- seeing as more families are turning to video games to pass the time and keep children having fun indoors amid the coronavirus outbreak.

If you're working hard to keep your bored kids entertained during lockdown, treating them to Aldi's Nintendo Switch Lite offering could work some serious magic.

Nintendo Switch Lite

View at Aldi - £194.99

Aldi Nintendo Switch

Credit: Aldi

The only difference between the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite is how they are used.

The standard Nintendo Switch can be used as a console or a handheld computer, while the Switch Lite can only be used as a handheld device. Both consoles feature popular games such as Mario Kart, Pokemon and Lego.

Bargain hunters will be pleased to hear that the iconic Nintendo console is rarely discounted to as low as £194.99, so this Aldi deal is a must-buy.

Aldi Nintendo Switch Lite

Credit: Aldi

The Nintendo Switch Lite Consoles come small and lightweight with integrated buttons, making them suitable for gamers on the go. They also work with all Nintendo Switch games that can be played when out and about. With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can beat your previous high score and win any game.  The chic colour styles also add a touch of class and there's blue, black, pink and yellow available to suit any taste.

So, if you enjoy gaming everywhere, at any moment, this is the ideal console for you, your kids or a fellow gamer.

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